Lady Gaga superfan surprise

Gaga plays forthcoming album tracks to fan

Lady Gaga has given back to her fans once again, by picking "superfan " Ryan Johnson to listen to new album tracks.

The "Bad Romance " singer chose one of her most devotated fans to listen to exclusive tracks from her forthcoming album, Born This Way .

Delighted superfan Ryan then reviewed the unreleased songs on Lady Gaga 's website.
"The music is so fresh and so liberating and it’s almost like a new genre of music", he writes, "the new music took me to places GaGa’s music has never took (sic) me to before - it’s really inspirational, empowering and liberating and it will set you free.".

Gaga has been keeping her fans updated on her new album via Twitter.
On Wednesday she wrote: "Endless melodies, hooks, + poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won't be much longer, (Born This Way) it's almost perfect".


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