Take That vs JLS: the race is off

Take That and JLS were going to release their new albums on the same day in November. But now Take That have decided to bring theirs forward

Take That and JLS were both set to release their new records on Monday the 22nd of November, making the race to the number 1 album spot very exciting.
However Take That have just announced that their album will come out on November 15 instead.

Take That's single, "The Flood" will hit the shops earlier too, on November 8th

JLS will still face competition from Canadian sensation Justin Bieber, Alesha Dixon and a compilation of previously unreleased Michael Jackson's songs, which is provisionally slated for release on November 22.

Whose album will you be buying? JLS or Take That? Tell us below!

Read your comments below:

- TAKE THAT - Mandy Kirby

- definitely Take That!!!!!!!! - Alison Coster

- take that - Leanne Fox

- I will be buying JLS - Emma Stokes

- jls they have got the whole package and they allsing together i feel that in take that its either gary or robbie singing and thats all i can here their voices in there songs and another reasonfor buying jls is my daughter just lovvvves them the best band by far - Sharon Smith

- Take That as they are the most awesome man band ever! Have been a fan since the first time around and soo excited about their new album. Seeing them on tour next year too, YEAH!!! xx - Amanda Jones

- jls cause i'm a massive westlife fan and my sister is a massive take that fan so its a battle between us. WESTLIFE R THE BEST CANT WAIT TIL MARCH WEN I C THEM 3 TIMES AT O2!!!!  Leanne O'Sullivan

- jls because i'm a massive westlife fan and have been since they first came out and my sister is a massive take that fan since they first came out so its battle between us!! WESTLIFE THE BEST!!!! - Leanne O'Sullivan

- jls cause i'm a massive westlife fan and have been since they first came out and my sister is a massive take that fan since they first came out so we r in battle - Leanne O'Sullivan

- JLS - Danielle Hughes

- take that of course - Alyson Morgan

- JLS - Sarah Mills

- jls - Bryan Ponder

- Take That - Emma Bird

- JLS-i love them so so much esspecially Aston!!!!! i really want to marry Aston and hopepully i get to!!!!! - Jenny Tollit

- JLS OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ellie Croft

- Take That as they are just simply amazing and have matured well over the last 20 years ;-) the music reflects this :-) - Laura Haggarty

- take that all the way. i was always with my friends and sisyers singing along since they first came on the music scene. as they have aged so have their voices and they keep getting better. my daughter who is 5 would like jls though - Hannah Mills

- jls - Lauren Hatch

- take that - Paula Fowler

- Take That - Tracy Walker

- JLS - Grace Bona

- JLS - Becky White

- JLS ! ♥ - Kamila Krutysza

- jls - Sylvia Chirgwin

- Both - Lorraine Knapman

- jls - Danielle Pearce

- jls - Anne Marie Jordan

- TAKE THAT of course the best xx - Michelle Weaver

- Take That - and I have concert tickets, yay!!! July 6th, Wembley Stadium, can't wait! - Marie Downard

- Take that and JLS - Christina Voysey

- take that - Lorraine Halliday

- TAKE THAT are  the best nobody can beat them ever - Stani Kireva

- JLS already preordered - Denise Woods

- Sorry JLS it has to be Take That! - Janet Honey

- take that - Jackie Dart

- Take That - wish i'd got spare cash to buy a ticket for Wembley - I would looooove to go. - Sally Wilcock

- It has to be TT - Diane Clarke

- Both but take that will always come first ! - Teresa Vella

- Take That for me and JLS for the children, stocking fillers - Penelope O'Brien

- JLS - Lucy Cunliffe

- Take That definately,they just keep getting better and better, cant wait for The Progress Tour! - Pauline Brooks

- jls x2 - Joanne Bush


- JLS for my daughter - Anthony Wilberforce

- Take That without question!!!!!! What else is there to buy but the BOYS! ROLL ON THE PROGRESS TOUR cant wait to see them again! - Kay Parnham

- jls everytime - Nicky Tilley

- Take That - Marie Broadley

- Take That of course!! - Jo Roca

- Take That no doubt about it !!! - Catherine Bennett

- its a tough one....but will have to be both, i am a bid take that fan...but JLS are faaabbbuuulooouusss :) - Maria Joao

- TAKE THAT - David Piper

- Take That definitely - Jennifer Manning

- jls - Wendy Hutton

- JLS - Christine Lines

- I will have to buy both because iam a big Take That fan and my daughter is a big JLS fan.x - Natasha Foster

- take that definetly - Sue Neary

- JLS - Melissa Cox

- take that - Ronnie Warner

- JLS of course!!! Take that aren't very good since they let Robbie Williams re-join them! - Samuel Johnson

- J L S - Sian Moody

- TAKE THAT - Kelly Rendells

- it will be takethat for me - Ellis Ainslie-Huffer


- JLS - Helen Banno

- JLS!!! - Chloe' Miller

- JLS - Leslie Fergusson

- JLS! I hate take that and can't believe Robbie has gone back! - Anna Setterfield 

- Both! :D but i'll b listening to JLS the most!! ;D <3 - Danielle Bunnage

- take that - Cherry Schamp

- takethat - Jim Handley

- JLS - Susan Curd

- take that - Helen Baker

- I will be buying JLS's new album cos i love them! - Kathryn Hiscoke

- JLS! - Ellie Rolfe

- take that - Denise Clark

- JLS - Erica Lau

- JLS!!!!!! - Chloe' Ganley

- JLS - Frances Smith

- Take That will obviously win, Take That have more fans and are far better and the flood is just an AMAZING song, I will deffo be buying Take That's album, Love Shauna <33 xx - Shauna Hawe

- JLS!! :D - Georgia Williams

- JLS - Georgia Williams

- Take that - Fiona MacDougall

- I love that you do - Amber Barton

- TAKE THAT - Michelle Skyrme

- Take That - Sarah Baker

- JLS - Rachel Fawcett

- Take That - Michele Welch

- JLS - Madihah Aslam

- The original and the best, Take That of course, with the gorgeous Howard!!!! - Jane Katon

- Take that of course!!! Always a T.T fan...popi-Greece - Parthena Savvidou

- Take That - Chad Farrell

- jls - Harriet Gay 

- Being a major westlife fan i love alot of boyband songs. However, listening to take thats song i think Robbie has spoilt it. To me it doesnt do anything, however JLS what a song :-)JLS have my vote by far.Cant stand robbie williams - Jessica Williams

- ill be buying both as its fair but i do think jls will be number 1 tho - Dee Lewin

- JLS every time. XX - Jaime Martin

- Take That because not a big fan of Jls - Lauren Balsom

- jls - Lisa Tatcher

- JLS OF COURSE they are amazing lol ! they have done more tours dates then take that this year alone xx - Ellie Croft

- Take That!! - Gavin Thomas

- Take that - Claire Davies

-I think TT appeal to all ages, they are mature and still good looking!! - Tanya Hewlett

- im goign to buy jls such a big fan come on jls jls get to number 1 i hope they can go to the heart studoi that day with take that - Laura Merrygold

- Take That - Maria Hall

- Take That............Definately! Although JLS are great and have done so well, i have been a hardcore Take That fan back in the day, remained a hardcore Take That fan when they got back together in 2006, became a hardcore Robbie fan from when he went solo and now they've re-united as a 5piece i CANNOT wait! They are simply the best band and they will go down in history. JLS beat Robbie to nu,ber 1 last year....this year it HAS to be Take That! Whatever Take That do it will surely be fantastic and i know who i'll be backing...........TAKE THAT all the way!!!!!!! - Sarah Gunningham

- Take That. Gary Barlow is God. Xxx - Louisa York

- Uhh JLS no question - Sophie

- JLS or Take That?: I always knew there would be a competition between Take That and JLS and i always knew who would be the winner- Take That x - Roxy Griffas

- Take That's xD, Take That are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G xx - Daisy Donald

- Im gonna buy Take Thats album, not keen on JLS, My markie is just gorgeous, i luv him - Laura Owen

- Take That are so gonna win this, there album is gonna be amazing xx - Sian Marie

- Take That, i cant wait for there new album, its gonna be AMAZING,, love lola - Lola Orange

- Take That are out of JLS' league, JLS are way out of there depth here, Take That are the kings of pop, the biggest boyband since the beatles, obvcourse Take That will win, im buyin Take Thats album xD Love Laura xx - Laura Hawe

-JLS - Erica Williams

- take that - John Cooksey

-Take That!!! - Stephanie Onyeke

-JLS - Hannah Fordham

-jls - Hannah Trickey

- Take That

-Buying Take Thats album, already pre ordered it, there so much better then JLS & they dont fancy themselves.

-Take That - Sue Anderson

-jls of course men


-JLS! will win they are  the BEST - Becca Brown






-Take That!




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