Baby Girl's Hilarious Reaction To Her Dad Getting His Beard Shaved

16 September 2014, 10:36

Watch as the game of peek-a-boo is ruined forever for one little girl.

Bradley Bailey is a hands on father who loves to play games with his adorable young daughter.

The clip begins with both father and daughter in high spirits as she lifts the tea towel off his face bursting into peals of laughter.

However, during the game dad disappears to shave off his considerable beard and returns to his blissfully ignorant daughter.

When play resumes you can see the confusion on her little face as she let's out a surprised "Oh".

The unsuspecting little 'un is quite alarmed by the clean-shaven stranger who sounds like her father and can't contain her dismay!

The video, which has been watched over two million times, has led to some viewers accusing the couple of bad parenting, but Mr Bailey says he doesn't regret his actions or his daughter's cute and hysterical reaction.