Meet The Happiest Quadruplet Babies EVER!

We guarantee this is the greatest video you will see today... or we'll eat our hats!

It's a fact. Laugher is infectious.

If you've ever caught a fit of the giggles you'll know just how these babies feel.

One delighted viewer even posted how much the video means to her: "I have been battling very aggressive breast cancer and gone through chemotherapy and this clip has been one that I have visited and revisited during this time and it has lightened my heart, made me giggle when I have felt like crying and just filled my spirit with joy with every watch. God bless your beautiful family and thanks for sharing." Lisa

Whilst another added: "They should replace laugh tracks on sitcoms with the sound of these guys" Chris

We couldn't agree more Chris!

Watch the video and prepare to be equally delighted.