The Hilarious Adventures Of A Boy And His Grandma

28 August 2014, 12:00

Meet the teenage boy and his Nana, the best friends who have taken the internet by storm!

Kevin is just like many other young men, he enjoys going out and hanging out with his best friends... which happens to include his hilarious and outspoken grandmother.

The 17-year-old shares wonderful conversations with his gran, in which she passes on her pearls of wisdom to her grandson.

However, little unbeknownst to gran, young Mr Droniak films everything and then uploads it to his brilliantly funny Youtube channel.

The pair make a brilliant double act and have become an instant internet sensation, even trending on Twitter!

Kevin: "What's your favourite memory together?"
Grandma melts our hearts with her loving response: "Seeing you smiling, that was very nice"

When they're asked to describe each other in one word:
Kevin calls gran "Sassy".

When asked what they do that annoys other other person, Kevin grumpily replies: "You annoy me when you don't text me back!"

Viewers clearly love the dynamic duo:

"BEST CHANNEL EVER, LOVE YOU GUYS" said one user, whilst another added "my friend saw your grandma talking to yogurt and it was a life altering experience."

Wow, now that's praise indeed!

Watch more of Kevin's and Gran's hilarious videos on his popular Youtube channel!