Watch: One Twin Breaks The Cardinal Twin Rule - Never Go It Alone!

Twins jump the last step together

Have you ever thought about jumping off the bottom step without your twin brother? Think again! See how these adorable twins react when one brother does just that.

Life is better when you have your twin by your side right? Well these adorable brothers show what happens when one of them decides to go solo.

The brothers leave the house in good spirits, wearing matching outfits and walking down the stairs, taking each step together. (Rightly so).

When they reach the bottom step, one of them takes the almighty decision to take the plunge and go it alone! 

The correct twin response to this?

Breaking down in tears of course!

After looking up to his mother for advice, the little boy walks back up the step, takes hold of his howling brother's hand before jumping off of it together. 

Watch the video below and you will find yourself grinning from ear to ear: