'Fantasist' Mandy Richards scrapped as Labour candidate in key marginal

25 April 2018, 12:46

Labour has officially deselected a candidate for a crucial swing seat at the next general election.

The party said it would be seeking new nominations for the Worcester seat after a crunch meeting to decide the future of Mandy Richards.

A spokesperson said: "The NEC has not endorsed Mandy Richards as the Labour Party candidate for Worcester."

Ms Richards denied she was a "fantasist" after social media posts from her emerged claiming the murder of MP Jo Cox was "conveniently bereft of evidence".

She also posted after the Manchester Arena terror attack "why still no images/ footage of physical damage?"

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times revealed Ms Richards was banned from bringing court actions without a judge's permission because of "vexatious" claims against MI6, MI5, Thames Water, Hackney Council and the centrist Labour group Progress.

The High Court made 14 civil restraining orders banning her from taking further action without approval.

Ms Richards reportedly claimed her allegations were dismissed "because she was a black woman".

Sky News understands the NEC concluded Ms Richards displayed a lack of judgement deemed incompatible with the standards expected of candidates.

Prospective candidates are asked when applying to disclose anything that could cause embarrassment to either themselves or the party or bring it into disrepute. Ms Richards did not do this, Sky News understands.

A senior Labour spokesman said: "Every would-be candidate has to sign a statement revealing or giving information about anything they believe might bring the party into disrepute or might be embarrassing to themselves or the party as a parliamentary candidate.

"It is the responsibility of any candidate to do that, and that wasn't done."

Labour general secretary Jennie Formby will be taking action to make sure selection processes are "robust", he added.

The Worcester seat is currently held by just 2,500 votes by Robin Walker, a Brexit minister.