Olympic Torch - Northampton

Meet Your Northampton Torchbearers

Northampton Olympic Torch

Name: Andrea Goti
Hometown: Cantagallo
Age: 35
Nomination: A few years ago, I was driving around with my friend when we saw a group of Italian boys beating up a Chinese couple. We stepped in, chasing the boys off and saving the victims. The woman was seven months pregnant and had to be taken to the hospital for monitoring. We reported everything to the police. A few months later, we had the pleasure of hearing that the band of delinquents had been tracked down and arrested.

Northampton Olympic Torch 

Name: Fern Albrighton
Hometown: Atherstone
Age: 13
Nomination: Fern is a lovely girl. She is kind and very thoughtful and always tries to do her best. At Primary school she was a playground activity helper which encouraged younger children to join in playground games and sports, she used to stay behind once a week and help run an after school sports club too. She has been a young leader at a local Brownie unit and due to another unit in our area losing it's Brown Owl to cancer, she has now committed herself to helping them restart their unit giving up a second night of her free time every week. This includes organising craft activities, new and old games and helping at other Brownie events

London 2012 Olympic torch  Name: Andy Wightman
Hometown: Northampton
Age: 44
Nomination: Andrew Wightman is my son-in-law. He is a very highly qualified Karate teacher who has several clubs in and around Wootton in Northamptonshire. He is particularly supportive of young people and has arranged many Karate competitions for his students. He is totally committed to helping young people achieve high grades.
Northampton Olympic Torch
Name: Carlo Bini
Hometown: Rome
Age: 57
Nomination: I was a young officer taking a train back from Friuli to Tuscany. Somewhere in the middle of the Appenines, a freight train went off the rails and spilled over onto our track. The train I was on had no way of stopping and crashed into it. Several of the coaches flew off the viaduct, but mine remained on the escarpment. Looking around, I saw that everyone was injured. Summoning some hitherto-unknown strength I managed to open the heavy door from underneath.
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Harry Barrett
Hometown: Northampton
Age: 23
Nomination: Harry's attitude is inspiring while suffering from cancer he coaches rugby volunteers at a local school and give his time to charity. Since being diagnosed with a high grade spinal cord tumour for the 2nd time in my life i have tried my very best to give back to my community and to help as many people as i can. I graduated with a 2:1 hons degree in law last summer and currently volunteer in a school in my local town. I coach rugby to school children in Northamptonshire
London 2012 Olympic torch  Name: Hollie Coupland
Hometown:Great Brington
Age: 16
Nomination: Because i have supported my county in sport and music such as county basketball county orchestra (French horn) and regional hurdles. Currently my passion is predominately sport. I try to inspire others by coaching sport at a local school because i feel that younger people are the future and hopefully they can grow up with more opportunities in life sport being one of them. Recently I have picked up hurdles as my sport and it came a shock to me when I managed to get to regional level without training.
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Jenny Simpson
Hometown: Coventry
Age: 19
Nomination: Wolston Parish Council nominate Jennifer Simpson as an Olympic Torch Bearer. Jennifer is 18 years old and has already demonstrated a deep commitment to society. At school as a young teenager she acted as a mentor for younger children and later became a "bully counsellor" being a friendly sympathetic ear for younger children who felt they were being bullied. Being good with numbers she also volunteered to provide additional maths coaching for younger children who more readily accepted a younger persons approach. A keen supporter of the Girl Guides association Jennifer has been an active member since a very young age
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Julia Thornton
Hometown: Stony Stratford
Age: 34
Nomination:  Respect & Courage: Those people that know me, will know that I have a very strong set of morals which I live by in both my home life and at work.  These are focused around my family and friendships, and my belief in fairness and equality. Inspiration: I have taken part in 8 consecutive Race For Life runs, raising well over £6,000 (excluding company matching) in the process. I am intending to take part in the Royal Parks half-marathon later this year, again in support of Cancer Research UK.
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Kayleigh-Jayne Brewer
Kayleigh-Jayne always helps me her nan, or anyone who needs help, even when she is at school, if someone gets hurt she will go out of her way to help them. She also has Asthma and is also a Coeliac from a very early age, she will also be going on a hike for Alzheimer's disease in a few ,weeks time, I and her mum, will be going on this walk with her. So I would like to nominate Kayleigh-Jayne, for the opportunity of a lifetime she will never forget.
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Marlene Freeman
Marlene Freeman is an icon and inspiration in our village. Known by generations of village children as the kindly school crossing patrol for the last 38 years, always having a friendly word for crossers (including random adults) as she successfully controls the traffic on the busy A509. Children also know her through being a lunchtime supervisor at the village school for 20 years, and is seen cleaning the village bus shelter, an appointment she has held unbroken for 33 years.
London 2012 Olympic torch  Name: Norman Britton
Chris lives and breathes sport, especially football. He has coached children in Windsor for over 7 years and has managed Windsor Great Park FC for several years. Windsor Great Park us an adult side, but has been an outlet for youngsters becoming adults for many years now. It has been wonderful watching the children growing and developing into adult footballers. Chris has had several players trial for major sides such as Chelsea, Reading, Crystal Palace and West Ham
London 2012 Olympic torch  Name: Paul Davies
My best friend was shot dead this year. I have established a charity in his honour to inspire young people to be a positive force in society. The charity myself and my friend have established is called Always A Chance. We have raised £100000 in 12 weeks and hope to raise £1million within 12 months. The money will be used to support and initiate projects which provide opportunities for young people with the aim of inspiring them to achieve greatness and steer away from the pitfalls of violent crime. This is being done in memory of James Cooper and James Kouzaris.
 London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Philip Highley
Philip works tirelessly for others in his local community and beyond: at a day centre, scouting and with a theatre to name a few. He is a trustee of Emmaus Charity for the Homeless and recently undertook a three week 1,200 mile bus journey around England, using his bus pass. He raised more than £1,000 for them. In 2009 he was awarded, for the 2nd time, an award for merit for outstanding service to his local community. He drives every Friday for Emmaus collecting and delivering furniture, and regularly transports blind ladies to a methodist church for a social afternoon.
Northampton Olympic Torch Name: Robin Briscoe
Robin enjoys the opportunity of walking his son's to school on his way to work allowing him to interact and meet various parents, children and teachers during the daily school run. Along with this, becoming parent governor of Sandy Lane Junior School 2 years ago has resulted in Robin becoming actively involved in the local community and communities further afield. Using his experiences outside of the school environment, Robin is involved in the various School Governor Committees.
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