Is There Anything Ed Sheeran Can't Do?

Ed Sheeran Newcastle

Ed Sheeran can really do it all!

He’s stormed the charts with his latest album Divide, he wowed the Newcastle arena with two massive sold out shows… but how good are his impressions?

Apparently really good, so Heart Breakfast’s Justin & Kelly decided to put this to the test with a round of ‘Impre-Sheeran’

Watch Ed’s ‘Impre-Sheeran’s’ and see how many you can guess!

In case you missed it the 26-year-old 'Shape Of You' singer visited Heart HQ for a series of incredible live performances of tracks from his brand new album, Divide.

Have a watch of the special performances here...


Ed Sheeran performs Castle On The Hill



Ed Sheeran performs Galway Girl


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