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Each week Angela will let you know how's her training is going. Any tips or hints she discovers on her journey, she tell you all about them here.

Friday 20th April 12

Not going to lie ….really frightened, worried I haven’t done enough. Going out for a long run today and already feeling nervous about it. People get scared and nervous about different things and for me one of those things is running I don’t why its just I honestly don’t have a lot of confidence in it. Ive just got to tell myself I can do it I will do and the most important thing is that I am taking part. I'm trying to focus on how happy I will feel when I cross that finish line. I'm really trying to imagine that as my interest in this running malarkey has been tinkering off…….and it can’t with only 3 weeks away! xx

Friday 13th April 12

Feel like the few pounds I had lost are back on, I am slacking…….Off work today and planned to do a run but it never happened because I have been too busy catching up with friends and socialising …..not been good, enjoyed myself but now feeling a bit guilty, as haven’t been to gym all week……..naughty I know! x

Friday 5th April 12

Groin in agony, done few sprints this week and think I pulled something, why did I agree to do this?! x

Friday 23rd March 12

Really feeling good, feeling bit slimmer and have a lot of energy achieved a 15k this week so so happy! xx

2nd March 12

So training has well and truly begun and I think the beautiful weather we have been experiencing has helped get me out and about! I love being out in the sunshine and having a gorgeous breeze on myself when running. My problem is I am not very fast at all, but I am not worrying about that. For me just doing this will give me a massive sense of achievement. I have to say thank you to my friends particularly Rachel and Personal Trainer Emily at The Club and Spa as they have been dragging me out on days when I don’t really feel like it, which I need. I have felt so good after getting lots of miles in last week, although this week has felt much tougher.

After having a Max Vo2 test done this week at Fitness Assist with Steve and Kerry and being told if I lose one kg I will be able to run an extra 20 mins, I also have to look at diet too and up the protein and veg, cutting out the sugary snacks too! The longer runs will be coming into force next week (which im little scared about) but am enjoying reading your motivational messages that are coming in daily. Thank you in particular to Mark who today has given me the following advice:

‘’Angela, I been listening to bit about your half marathon, the best advice i can give you if you are interested is do not worry or stress about it,easier said than done i know. Use your training to build fitness, confidence and to prevent injury on the day. Then on the day relax and enjoy it, it may hurt but when you cross that finish line it will be worth it and you will feel great, i promise! I believe most runners worry to much about the physical training and do not pay enough attention to mental preparation, if you are ready mentally you will finish it.’’

Feel free to drop me a message, I will be setting up a fundraising page very soon so be prepared I will be needing your help!

Keep smiling,

Lots of love 



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