Nearly there

Okay, less than 48 hours to go now.

I’ve reached that point where the excitement of anticipation has been replaced by the reality of having to run. A lot.

So, here’s a quick checklist of my Top 3 reasons to be cheerful about the Marathon this Sunday….and my reasons to be fearful!

Cheerful Gareth:

1.    The crowds – they are just immense, both in number and the support they give you.  It’s London at its absolute best. They say the crowd will carry you through to the finish line. In my case, they might well have to.

2.    The challenge – Why do a Marathon? Well, because it’s there. And I’m a sucker for a bit of bacofoil!

3.     Have A Heart – Great to able to support Have A Heart and Starlight. As a Daddy I can’t imagine how I’d cope if my daughter had a life-threatening illness. So big love to Starlight and those that they help!

Fearful Gareth:

1.    `The Wall’. They say Marathon runners hit this at about Mile 20. Trust me, I don’t have to wait that long!

2.    `Jogger’s Nipple’. Has the potential to be more painful than it sounds. Vaseline is, as always on Marathon Day, my best friend.
3.      The weather. 23 degrees, sunny and no wind, last I heard. This would make it the 2nd hottest Marathon on record. The hottest was in 2007. Guess what? I’ll have taken part in both. Some guys have all the luck!!

So, wish me well and if you’re going to be along the route somewhere cheering the runners on, here’s a snap of what I’ll be wearing on Sunday (No. 3691!) and another of my No.1 helper, Evelyn!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Gxx

Now……….where’s my pasta.

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