Finally the wait is over!

I'm such a child! When I heard Apple were bringing out a very slick tablet called the iPad I wanted one there and then!

The 3 month wait has been unbearable so about three weeks ago I gave into temptation and ordered one from the States. It took 13 days to arrive. As you can imagine I was on tenterhooks for two weeks. Every morning running downstairs to check my post. I was like a child at Christmas.

So I've had enough time to check out it's good and it's not so good bits for you. Bloggers have stated "it's the end of books, magazines and newspapers" Stephen Fry twittered "it's the fluffiest piece of deliciously crunchy Apple sexy tech ever! I'll take seven" But is it really that good?

I want to be absolutely honest with you "its kinda cool".  Yes it's sexy and has great graphics. Unlike when you use the iPhone, you no longer have to squint at looking online which is good news for the crows feet. It feels weird doing the things you do on your phone using the pad. Using the iPad to listen to music is a bit like using a helicopter to peg the washing out because it is so huge!

The problem I have had with it is its wifi coverage. The first batch of iPads which are available from tomorrow in the UK are wifi enabled which means you have to be in a place with a strong Internet service to get the most out of it. I've tried logging on in coffee shops, on trains and even here at Heart. I've found it at best slow at worst I've given up and logged onto a proper computer (shock horror!).

However when it does work it is fab! Like the iPhone you have to load on Apps which are available from iTunes. My favourite free app includes iBooks, an online library where you can download books to the pad and read them on it. I've just finished Winnie The Poo! The best paid for app is the racing car game NFS shift. I defy anyone not to love this game. You use the pad as a steering wheel and I've been told I take the game so seriously I stick my tongue out when playing!!!  It's important you buy a nice case for it as it can easily get scratched. I got mine from .

On the whole I'm glad I've got it. People have stopped to look at it in public. I've been given jealous glances on trains and I've felt rather special being one of the few people in the UK with it. Did I really need it?  Well no seeing as I have a laptop at home. My excuse is I bought it so I tell you all about it ;)

Steve xxx

p.s this was written using the iPad keyboard so can I apologize if there are any horrific typos or spelling mistakes!

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