The Beale Summer Sale

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know what I got up to on Saturday..

Whilst Toby was taking on the triathlon in a very impressive 54 minutes & 15 seconds, I was trying to sell all my unwanted goods in a very unimpressive 6 hours.

I realise I’m a bit behind on this one, but I’d never sold or shopped at a Boot Fair in my life. But there comes a time when any home needs a de-clutter and for mine, that was long overdue. Like many, I’ve gone down the eBay route in the past or simply taken our unwanted goodies to a charity shop. But I was up for a new challenge and so looked up the nearest boot fair. The one we went to was massive, stretching out across 2 huge fields, quickly transforming a quiet farm landscape into a sea of lampshades, broken PCs, shoes, DVDs and old Blue Peter annuals.

Now, a few things to ask as a boot fair newbie:

1) Why do they always have to start at silly-o-clock in the morning? I had to set the alarm for 5.15am just to get there in time. By the time I fancied an ice-cream from the nearby van, it was only 8.30!

2) Why do the other sellers feel the need to ask you what you’re selling before you’ve even got out the car? Back off!

To be honest, we actually managed to get rid of loads and came home with some pocket money. We also managed to avoid that classic boot fair faux pas of selling loads, but then bringing home an equivalent pile of bric-a-brac as you’d seen so many bargains that were just too good to miss! We were all home by lunchtime and I celebrated our sales victory by soundly falling asleep on the sofa as I’d been awake so early. I think any future for me as a market-seller doesn’t look too bright.




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