Cemetery Junction

Hope you had a great Easter and are enjoying the decent spell of weather we’re having.

Life for me recently has included eating too much chocolate (goes without saying) and seeing my daughter be a bridesmaid for the first time. She was asked back in January and since then had been counting down every day – and more recently, every hour! She’s only 7 so this was a huge experience for her but she loved every minute of it. I, of course, was the proud soppy father watching from the wings, taking photos of her at every available opportunity bowled over by how beautiful she looked. If you’ve got a spare 5 hours, I could bore you silly with the slide show.

Yesterday, I went to a preview of the new Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant movie 'Cemetery Junction'. Set in the 1973, it tells the funny and touching story of being trapped in a small town and dreaming of escape. The main characters are Freddie, Bruce and Snork – 3 young 20-somethings who spend most of their days joking, drinking, fighting and chasing girls. But Freddie is determined to make something of his life, a decision which has an effect on the whole gang. As for the movie’s famous directors; Gervais plays Freddie’s dad Len who you get to see numerous times throughout the film, whilst Merchant makes a very brief, but hilarious one-off appearance as one of Freddie’s boring work colleagues.

Their re-creation of 1970s England has been done brilliantly, right down to every little detail. They’ve not just created a believable drama, but a heart-warming, well-written story which also introduces us to a relatively new cast: Christian Cooke, Tom Hughes, Jack Doolan and Felicity Jones – all of whom are very well suited to their roles.

After I came out of the film, I wrote on Twitter that I’d only give it a 5 or 6 out of 10, which I realise sounds low after my positive review. But my one big criticism would be the over-use of bad language where it didn’t feel justified. I’m not saying I expected a young gang of lads from the 70s to be full of “please” and “thank yous”!! But there are many occasions where you feel the writers have used the situation and characters as an excuse to have no boundary at all, which as a viewer left me uncomfortable at times.

I’m a fan of The Office and Extras, but it was also pleasing to see that Ricky and Stephen didn’t go for the easy option and produce a movie-version of their hit shows, but have purposely tried to write something very different and refreshing – and for that, they get the thumbs up from me!  Cemetery Junction is released tomorrow.

Well, I can’t sit in here all day – there’s another glimpse of the sun to enjoy! See you tonight at 10pm for Heartbreakers.



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