Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year and I hope you’ve had an excellent start to 2011.

To be honest, the January blues can be a bit tough going, particularly if you had great Christmas consisting of relaxing, eating, more relaxing and more eating. Even when I wasn’t eating a full meal I was snacking on Twiglets. The thought of having to be a responsible human being who works hard and sticks to 3 meals a day isn’t a pleasant one!

So if you’re looking for an escape from reality and fancy 2 hours of action, stunts and comedy, then “The Green Hornet” could well be the movie for you. It stars it’s co-writer & executive producer Seth Rogan in the lead-role of Britt Reid. He suddenly finds himself in charge of a newspaper empire when his father unexpectedly dies. Britt is a party-boy & socialiser, certainly not the boss of a newspaper, and it’s during his nights-out that he realises the city where he lives is full of crime & corruption.  He strikes up a friendship with one of his father’s more gifted employees, Kato. Together, they see the chance to do something meaningful in their lives: fight crime! But to get close to the criminals, they come up with the perfect cover: they’ll pose as criminals themselves! Britt becomes the vigilante “The Green Hornet” as he, Kato and their indestructible car “The Black Beauty” (which is laden with every weapon you can think of!) hit the streets. They begin hunting down LA’s gritty underworld with the help of Britt’s new secretary Lenore, played by Cameron Diaz.

If I tell you one of the stunts includes a car driving into a lift, being cut in two by the lift-doors, with the front half still being carried up 10 floors and then driving out ‘cause it’s a “front-wheel drive”, you’ll get an idea of how far-fetched and over the top it is in places! But it’s moments like that which add to the escapism and entertainment.

Good points: Funny with a few laugh-out loud moments. Pacey. Well performed by Seth Rogan (Britt), Jay Chou (Kato) and Cameron Diaz. Impressive stunts and visually gripping. It’s a relatively long movie, but the 2 hours go very quickly.

Bad points: You can tell the 3D effects were added as an after-thought as it doesn’t make a massive difference to the enjoyment of the film. In my opinion, too much bad language given it’s rating.

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