My New Year's Resolution is...

… is to update my blog. I admit, shocking behaviour from yours truly in the last half of 2009 for which I apologise, but it’s all about to change. Honest. No… really.

I’m not normally a New Years Resolution type of guy, mainly because I’ve always failed at them in the past by about January 3rd (unlike this one … which didn’t actually start until January 7th … so it’s looking promising). I remember doing a radio phone-in years ago on this very topic and receiving a call from a woman who decided to give up smoking. At just before midnight on New Year’s Eve she thought she’d indulge in her final cigarette, only to find her watch was slow and it had already gone midnight by one minute. So she phoned-in to confirm she’d broken her New Year's Resolution within 60 seconds. Gutting. Well done her.

I’ll always blame Twitter. When most of your day becomes a blogging fest in no more than 140 characters, you forget to write anything very meaningful or very long!

Being a true Brit, if I’m to write about something that’s got us all talking, it’s got to be THE WEATHER! As predicted, the snow has brought the country to it’s knees again! We went out sledging with the kids yesterday afternoon which was so much fun. The fun quickly ended though when we had a power cut hours later, just as we were eating dinner and watching Deal Or No Deal. The lights went off, and so did Noel and his Dream Factory. At least the power station that blew had the courtesy to wait until we found out the contestant playing won £6,000. Phew.

So it was candles at the ready, torches on and the sudden realisation that our lives revolve around electricity. As I drove into the fully-powered, fully heated Heart studios, Mrs B was left without tv, lights, heating or Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii and had to contemplate an evening of reading by candlelight. It’s like something out of a Jane Austen novel.

So the snow is proving to be a nightmare as it’s dangerous to get anywhere, shops run out of food, power cuts happen and it’s SO cold.

But on a positive note, you might get the day off work, have fun racing down hills on a sledge at 30mph – and it gives the likes of me something to write about in my new “regularly updated” blog. Watch this space.

Stay safe!




Have you got any New Year's Resolutions?  Let me know what they are by emailing me below.

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