Bonn Square mocktail party

Council workers have staged an upmarket house party in the middle of Oxford's Bonn Square using items found in charity shops.

They put together a temporary upmarket living room during Recycle Week to demonstrate the quality of the goods you can find in charity shops.  They also did it to encourage more of us to recycle furniture and household goods.

The 'flashmob' event was done in partnership with charity organisations Barnado’s, Emmaus, Helen and Douglas House and Sobell House Hospice.  Passers by were handed ‘reuse directories’ with lists of where they can take and buy quality second hand items across Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council waste reduction officer, Eiles Robinson, was the driving force behind the event. She said: "The fact that we’d set up a living room in the middle of the street got people's attention but us walking around in posh frocks with price tags on really got people talking."