Cemetery Junction

14 April 2010, 07:42

Ricky Gervais' new movie 'Cemetery Junction' is now out in cinemas, and some of the scenes were filmed in Woodstock!

The film stars Ralph Fiennes and Emily Watson, as well as Ricky - who is also the film's director.

The movie is set in Reading in the 1970s, and centres around three professional men working in an insurance company.

Film crews were spotted in Woodstock in August 2009, and the town's Town Hall was turned into a police station for the movie.  A fruit and veg stall appeared outside the Post Office and one of the streets was lined with 1970s cars.

Ricky's been telling Heart they couldn't shoot in his home town: "Reading's such a modern urban connurbation now we had to find a place, a land that time forgot.  We put all the old cars in and all the extras and we've really made it look like 1973."

Can you spot Woodstock High Street in the trailer?

Watch the trailer