People in Buckingham were unable to vote for Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative candidates because the sitting MP, John Bercow, is the Speaker in the House of Commons and therefore politically neutral.

The other main parties normally do not field candidates against the Speaker.

The election in Buckingham went ahead despite UKIP candidate Nigel Farage being involved in a plane crash near Brackley on Polling Day.

Politician in Plane Crash


2010 result - Speaker win

+John Bercow (Speaker) 22,860 (47.29%)
John Stevens (Ind) 10,331 (21.37%)
Nigel Farage (UKIP) 8,401 (17.38%)
Patrick Phillips (Ind) 2,394 (4.95%)
Debbie Martin (Ind) 1,270 (2.63%)
Lynne Mozar (BNP) 980 (2.03%)
Colin Dale (Loony) 856 (1.77%)
Geoff Howard (Ind) 435 (0.90%)
David Hews (Ch P) 369 (0.76%)
Anthony Watts (Ind) 332 (0.69%)
Simon Strutt (Deficit) 107 (0.22%)

Speaker majority 12,529


2005 result - CON hold

John Bercow (Con) 27,748
David Greene (Lab) 9,619
Luke Croydon (LD) 9,508
David Williams (UK Independence Party) 1,432

Con majorty 18,129

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