What is a Hung Parliament?

The UK's got its first Hung Parliament for 36 years, but what does that actually mean?

A Hung Parliament is one where no-one party has a majority (that is, more than half) of all the MPs in the House of Commons.

It means when it comes to votes to, for example, pass new laws, the Government can easily be outvoted if all the opposition MPs from other parties vote against them.

It's very difficult for Governments to run the country without an overall majority.

To have an overall majority over all other parties in the Commons, a party must have 326 MPs.  That's half of the total of 650, plus one.

Because the Conservatives have fallen short of this number, they're having to look at getting together with other parties like the Lib Dems to see if they together can reach the magic 326 number.

Labour could also form a coalition with the Lib Dems.  The person who will ultimately be Prime Minister is the MP who can command the confidence of more than half of the Commons.

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