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Still looking for a tiling service? Trend Ceramics in Peterborough is here for you.

We have Peterborough-based experts that can help you select the best tile colour and pattern for your needs. Call us on 01778 306944 in Peterborough to find out more.

Your tiling job is anything but standard. Let us set you up an appointment to help you out. We are lookin forward to hearing from you in Peterborough, so call now!

Peterborough Tiling Installation Services by TREND CERAMICS

    * Tile & bathroom centre
    * Materials & Installation
    * Expert Advice
    * Most leading brands in stock
    * Full range of bathrooms
    * High quality wall & floor tiles

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Tel: 01778 306944
6, Peacock Square
Peterborough PE6 8LW

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