Peterborough Torch Route - Wednesday

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

After spending the night before in Peterborough, the day 47 relay will begin in Cathedral Square at 0710.

The flame will then be taken along Long Causeway and onto Bridge Street, continuing onto Broadway.

It will then turn left onto Burghley Road before continuing to join Lincoln Road.

The torch will continue all the way along Lincoln Road until it reaches the junction with Maskew Avenue, where it will turn left.

The relay will then turn right onto Bourges Boulevard, past the A47 and then re-join Lincoln Road.

Next Stop: Market Deeping

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Meet Peterborough's Torchbearers:

Atif Iqbal Name: Atif Iqbal
Age: 32
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Atif works as a full time Secondary School Teacher at Sir Harry Smith Community College, Whittlesey, Peterborough. Since October 2005, Atif has worked very hard to raise money for charity which is why I would like to nominate him to carry the Olympic Flame. He does this both at school and in his personal free time. In 2005, Atif set up a non-profiting organisation called Peterborough's Active Youth (P.A.Y) which to date has raised over £55,000 for various charities. Poor people across the world have benefited from his hard work. Atif has raised money for the victims of the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal (2005) and Pakistan Flood Appeal (2010), Japan Tsunami victims (2010), Clic Sargent - a UK Children's Cancer charity (2010), just to name a few. Atif spends alot of his free time organising events such as football leagues and tournaments and charity dinners. At the moment, while fasting, he is busy raising money for the East Africa Famine Appeal. At School, Atif is an inspiration and a role model to his students instilling the value of the importance of going the extra mile for poor people. Students look up to him and follow his lead to raise money for the less fortunate. Atif has already been recognised for his charity work very early in his journey of charity work. In 2005, he was nominated for the local newspaper (Evening Telegraph) prestigious award 'Fundraiser of theYear'. Atif came runner up in this award category. In Summary, i believe atif deserves this honour."
Carly Hain Name: Carly Hain
Age: 19
From: King's Lynn
Nomination Story: "Carly has been volunteering since she was 11 years old, started at a nursing home, she then met youth workers and joined a group to raise funds to build a skate park for the teenagers in the local village, together they raised over 100,000 unfortunatley it was lost when the village pulled the planning out. Carly then volunteered with a Young Carers Group and a Mixed ability Group and a new local village Youth Group, she has done these for the last 2 years attending sessions and residentials. Carly then helped to get enough funding to travel to Cambodia as part of a Youth Group and stayed at an orphanage where they built them a new play area. Carly is always up beat and a true inspiration to Young People. After the Youth Groups had to close, she carried on now volunteering for the Search and Rescue Team."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Cassidy Little
Age: 30
From: Market Deeping
Nomination Story: "William Cassidy Little, known as Cassidy to everyone was born in Canada 29 years ago he moved to the UK to work in comedy, however funny he may be he decided to sign up and fight for the country he grew to love. In 2005? He joined the Royal Marine Commandos and was soon sent out to Afghanistan to fight for our country and that he did. After returning from his first tour of duty and experiencing some of the world's atrocities he felt he could do more and trained as a Commando Medic. After passing the required training to become a medic he used his new found skills in the UK, whilst out training in the USA and back out on another tour of Afghanistan, July this year when reacting to the dreaded call for MEDIC!! Cassidy was blown off his feet by an IED there were 2 close explosions and the extent was devastating 2 men lost their lives and Cassidy along with others sustained life changing amputating injuries he has had his right leg amputated below the knee his left leg sustained multiple complicated open fractures, he broke his pelvis and partially detached the retina in the left eye. Cassidy is now rehabilitating and recovering at Headley Court in Surrey and will join Royal Marine Hasler Company after he completes his limb fitting and walking re-education, his career as he knew it is over and for many this would be a hard blow but he has plans to study at Med school as he wants to be a Doctor and show he can give so much more. Cassidy is such an inspiration to us all."
Edith Prosser Name: Edith Prosser
Age: 12
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Edith reflects the Olympic and Paralympic values in all she does and is totally deserving of this opportunity. Edith is admired by staff for her `have a go attitude` and for having `a wise head on young shoulders`. This is demonstrated through; Promoting equality of opportunity as a sports ambassador by working with others. Developing personal excellence in many sports, including netball, badminton, tennis, hockey and playing the Flute to grade 2 level. Her school work by amassing a huge 648 reward points this academic year alone, with NO negative points. Showing friendship and respect by helping older and younger students in our school through mentoring. Inspiring others to develop literacy skills by being a `communication` leader in our school. Expanding her horizons by hosting a student from China as part of our China Exchange project and Edith will visit China in April 2012."
Gaynor Duckworth Name: Gaynor Duckworth
Age: 41
From: Preston
Nomination Story:"Gaynor is an amazing woman and would really deserve a role like this. Tragically, Gaynor lost her baby girl before birth. She has been incredibly positive about the experience, and dealt with the effect this had on her, and those around her, admirably. When she returned to work, she constantly delivered both in the call centre and came up with as many ideas as possible to help charity fundraising. She has jumped out of a plane to raise money for the Baby Beat appeal which is a charity supporting those who have been through similar experiences as her. She has pushed so hard and managed to raise around £4000 for the charity, pushing and motivating people as much as possible. She is an amazing character, so bubbly, upbeat and would do anything for anyone and really deserves an opportunity like this."
 London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Jon Fovargue
Age: 32
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story:"For almost seven years, 'Foggy' has been bringing colleagues together every Monday night to play football. On the pitch, role levels become irrelevant as up to sixteen men from Directors all the way down, mingle on a level playing field made of astro turf. Jon has organised numerous competitions at impressive venues such as the Emirates Stadium and the City of Manchester Stadium, and Thomas Cook has been represented by teams organised by Jon in these competitions. Along the way, Jon has raised £7,500 for the TC Children's Charity through these events and has organised other initiatives including Fundays, raffles, holiday auctions and selling chocolates donated by Nestle."
 Kamal Hyman Name: Kamal Hyman
Age: 18
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Kamal Hyman originally is from London and in his early years grew up on a tough inner estate. As he was approaching his teens his family decided to move to Peterborough to have to have access to better opportunities. Kamal has a passion about fighting discrimination and it was this passion led him to be part of the Unity Peacemaker project in 2010 which reduces youth conflict through youth activities In Dec 2010 Kamal helped to set up the Unity Saturday Club which gave youngsters a place to go on a Saturday afternoon in the city centre. Kamal was instrumental in the success of this initiative through spreading the word by giving out leaflets in the city centre, talks at schools, media interviews and use of face book. Unity Saturday gained national recognition for the success in terms of numbers youngster attending and reduction in Anti Social Behaviour in the city centre. In Jan 2011 Kamal chose to enter Peterborough's Youth MP elections and was chosen by young people to become their Youth MP. Since his election he has represented Peterborough's youth locally and nationally" 
 Lyn Hobson Name: Lyn Hobson
Age: 52
From: Hohne
Nomination Story: "Lyn is an inspiration to all that she meets. Lyn has had a hard life, during her life she has nursed her daughter for several years after she was diagnosed with lukaemia. Lyn works in the local school as an assistant cookery teacher. After schol she dont stop there, on monday nights se helps out with thlcal karate club, wher her partially sighted son attends. Her real passion is ontuesday nights were she helps run the local Scout Group, were she is an assistant Cub Scout Leader. Most weekend s she can be found running a local scout camp. All the cubs love her and treat her with the utmost respect. Lyn also takes in homeless rabbits Lyn is a towering light in the community and is well desering of carrying the olympic torch. It will also be a dream come true for tis ever smiling person."
 Richard Barr Name: Richard Barr
Age: 51
From: Letchworth Garden City
Nomination Story: "Richard Barr has raised over £30,000 for The Down's Syndrome Association and Woolgrove School through a number of different challnges including climbing Mount Kilamanjaro and cycling across Vietnam and Cambodia.Richard lost his son Tom to Down Syndrome in 2004 and since then he's completed challenges to raise awareness and funds to support the children and families affected by Down's Syndrome. The school aims to 'create a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which all can experience success and realise their unique potential'. Richard's support allows them to go along way to providing this essential service. The support they give is vital and Woolgrove have taken the spirit that Tom encapsulated by creating The Tom Barr Award for Happiest Child in the School'. His challenges have been: 2005 - The India Motorcycle Challenge (motorcycle acorss India). 2007 - Climb Mt Kilamanjaro. 2008 - Climb the Inca Trail. 2009 - Climb to Everest Base Camp. 2010 - Ride across Vietnam and Cambodia. 2011 - The Three Peak Challenge. Each last two or more weeks and involve months of planning and training and on top of this, Richard goes out of his way to help the charities so families who are in a similar position get the right support. Richard Makes a Difference to the familes affected by Down's Syndrome with his determination to support the children and families through a situation he knows is inspiring."
 Robyn Joly Name: Robyn Joly
Age: 70
From: March
Nomination Story: Her passion spreads happiness by joyful positive living--helping oither cancer patients-having survived terminal mouth cancer for 18 years.To inspire others to cope with this rare cancer. I do this through our Head & Neck Support Group. My goals are to make people aware of this rare cancer and continue raising funds for 'Mouth Cancer Awareness'. I have appeared in BBC Look East in a programme two years ago talking about our Support Group.This subsequently appeared in YouTube under Head & Neck Support Group at Addenbrookes Hospital. I work towards improvements in Head and Neck cancers and try to encourage research and more clinical trials in cancer research. I am a lay person representative in West Anglia Cancer Clinical Trials and attend meetings as and when required. It is very important that cancer patients continue to be active leading healthy happy and positive lives. 
 Sib Damji Name: Sib Damji
Age: 28
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Sib runs a charity called Shia sports and dedicates his weekends and evenings to running this. This involves arranging sports events for children as young as 5, encouraging them to participate in sport and keep them off the street, and to unite his Muslim community through sports and team building. Sib helps to keep them active and encourages sport. At lunchtime he is constantly on the phone booking sports halls/venues etc to ensure the children are kept active. He invites people from abroad to come over for the week and compete against each other too. Sib raised £800 recently for charity but over the years between himself and his late father he has raised thousands for charity. Charity work is so important to Sib because of his faith and the memory of his Father and helping a friend in need is his nature. He is keen to continue to do this as this is what he enjoys."
Tony De Matteis
Name: Tony De Matteis
Age: 50
From: Peterborough
Nomination Story: "Tony, 49, is my father, the man I look up to and the city of Peterborough`s unsung hero. For 26 years, he has given up his spare time and put his life in danger to form part of the Peterborough Volunteer Fire Brigade (PVFB). PVFB are the only volunteer-run fire brigade in the UK. They are not the same as retained firefighters, they don`t receive a penny for their time, not even to cover their expenses. They receive the same training as wholetime firefighters and attend fire calls across the city and surrounding areas. Tony, who is currently chief officer of PVFB, has always worked full-time to support his wife and two daughters, and is currently a prison governor at HMP Littlehey. All of his free time is devoted to being on-call for the next shout, taking part in exercise drills and training new recruits. I`ve lost count of the times I heard my dad`s bleeper going off in the middle of the night, when he`d just got home from work and had to be up early the next day. There have been birthdays, Christmases and numerous other special occasions where my Dad couldn`t be there. But my sister and I didn`t mind, because our Dad was our hero. We knew he was somewhere making a real difference to the community - saving people`s lives and their livelihoods. My Dad would be honoured to carry the Olympic torch through a city he has devoted his entire life to. It would be a very fitting way of Peterborough giving something back to a truly upstanding member of their community."