Holbeach Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The flame will enter Holbeach having travelled through Whaplode.

At 1056, the torch will enter Holbeach via the A152 Spalding Road, close to the junction with Wignals Gate.

It will be taken along Spalding Road as it joins the B1515.

The flame will continue along this road as it turns into West End, High Street, Fleet Street and Fleet Road.

The Holbeach relay will end at the B1515 junction with the Fleet Road Industrial Estate.

Next Stop: Long Sutton 

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Meet Holbeach's Torchbearers:

Christian Dowen Name: Christian Dowen
Age: 14
From: Hunstanton
Nomination Story: "Christian has lived with type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old and he is an inspiration to all kids with lifelong conditions. The usual spontaniety of a normal childhood is lost when you are insulin dependent. Most other chronic conditions reuire quarterly medical assessments to adjust medications but diabetes needs continual adjustments for every aspect of daily life - balancing food intake with insulin needs throughout the day. Being an active child with diabetes is tremendously challenging. As a very young child, Christian was thwarted by hypoglycaemic unawareness and had seizures as a result of being hyper sensitive to his insulin injections. He was finally accepted as a candidate for an insulin pump and has been pumping for 4 years. He was the first child in West Norfolk to access the service and now actively promotes access to pumps for other kids with similar difficulties. As a keen athlete he has never let his condition govern his determination to succeed. He is a talented long jumper and 200 meters sprinter, and has competed in various events throughout norfolk. As a teenager his diabetes is even more unpredictable - adolescence and the surge of hormones that accompany this stage of his life wreak havok with his daily control. Despite this he has developed a passion for street running and parkour and he remains positive and determined to succeed in spite of the many setbacks caused by his condition and lack of public understanding of Type1 diabetes." 
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Ges Roulstone
Age: 56
From: Bourne
Nomination Story: "My local hero is my dad. For over half his life he has dedicated his time to helping those with disability and those less fortunate. He has done this through social work, fundraising and has worked for charities since before I can remember. He has worked for charities focused in the field of Deaf Blind for the past 2 decades up to the present day. In additon to his day job he has taken part in treks and marathons all over the world, including Kilimanjaro, London, New York and Berlin Marathon. His most recent fundraiser was a bike ride across Cambodia. During the course of his career he has travelled the world aiding in the development of deaf blind services across the globe. When I was still a small child my family moved from Scotland to Lincolnshire. After a short time my dad established a charity 10k run and 3K fun run in our village to raise funds for the local school and village community. Resulting in new computers for the school, new bus shelters etc. This run continues in our village every year and has the exact same start point (outside our family home) as it did when it first began over 15years ago. I am nominating my dad to carry the olympic flag, not only has he made a huge impact on our local community but he has dedicated his life to the improvement of people's lives across the world. I think he has the spirit of the olympics world community value running in his veins and therefore he should run with the flame."
Jacqui Fairfax Name: Jacqui Fairfax
Age: 52
From: Wimblington
Nomination Story: "Jaqui is making a real difference in our community by promoting skills and training. On average, she does two days voluntary work a week whilst at the same time running CUB a rapidly expanding utility consultancy. Jaqui is Chair of the Fenland Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador for the Apprenticeship Service and Governor of the College of West Anglia. She is involved in many local projects to advance skills in Fenland and works closely with Fenland District Council and local employers. She regularly gives talks to encourage training and apprenticeships and goes into local schools to help in classes. Within her company, she employs 11 apprentices, (50% of the workforce) and encourages all the staff to become involved with community projects such as litter picking, raising money for charity, presenting back to work training and offering work experience. She is a real leading light."
Mandy Woods Name: Mandy Woods
Age: 49
From: Spalding
Nomination Story: My mum is an inspirational person who ran the 2011 London Marathon and raised £4400 for Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire air ambulance.For the first time in my life in New year 2008 I started jogging around my local area to try and get fit. I used to hate running but in time I realised I was very good at it. In 2009 I thought I would apply for the london marathon but I didn't get accepted. I kept applying and in 2011 I got in with the Lincs & Notts air ambulance. I'd never ran that far before (26 miles) and had never raised money but my family and friends spurred me on. Over the next few months money came tumbling in and I eventually raised £4400. I never believed I could achieve so much but I did it and at 48 years of age I want to prove to other people that if you believe in yourself you can go really far and potentially change other peoples lives for the better.
Thomas Evans Name: Thomas Evans
Age: 17
From: Willoughby
Nomination Story: "Tom was born with a number of problems including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, Asbergers Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia which could have isolated him from the community in which he lives but with the help of his adoptive parents and a close family unit of two brothers and two sisters he is well integrated into the local area community and the Grammar School which he attends. He is brilliant at caring for his very young brother. He is in a bell ringing team at a local church, does weekend work at a garden centre and does gardening for some villagers.He belongs to the Village History Group and is involved in setting up a web site for the group. He has a good knowledge of the area geology and archaeology. He is achieving well at school with special help and is working for his A levels.. He received a Lincolnshire Young Achievers award for his gift of fund raising. He is involved with various clubs at school and helps with a 'Jaguar Cars' computer racing group. He has also been selected to be on an inteviewing committee for choosing teaching assistants. Apart from what he has achieved it is his enthusiasm and willingness to help in any situation which has inspired me to nominate him. It would be a wonderful boost for a thoroughly good young man."