This Surprising Christmas Cat Food Advert Is The Most Relatable One Yet!

Cat Christmas Advert Canvas

We've all seen the John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's Christmas ads but this surprising ad for cat food might be the best yet...

It's one of the best known pet peeves for cat owners that felines and tinsel DO NOT MIX!

There's nothing worse than painstakingly decorating your tree ready for the big day and then coming downstairs in the morning to find the cat has had a whale of the time with the baubles.

Christmas tree = ruined.

This years Christmas advert from cat treat brand Temptations totally understands our pain!

The advert shows a hoard of cats waiting to pounce on a beautifully decorated room!

Christmas dinners go flying, baubles smash and havoc is caused before they hear the sound of a box of cat treats and immediately stop running wild.

Imagine if a cat treat had the power to do that!

It is certainly worth a try for the sake of festive living rooms across the land...



But we won't hold our breath!