X Factor bootcamp cancelled?

There's been lots of gossip in the last few days on whether or not Simon Cowell will find someone to stand in for Cheryl as she recovers from malaria.

And The X Factor official people have released the following statement:

"Due to the unusual circumstances, we are changing the format of bootcamp slightly this year and we will not be inviting an audience to watch the contestants being put through their paces."

But does this mean they'll be waiting until Cheryl's back?  Has bootcamp been cancelled? Or will there be a guest judge? 

We want to know what you think so send in your comments below.  We've got a few suggestions below so let us know if you agree or want someone else.

Your comments

Helen - i think it would be kind of good to have Kylie so you have the twwo sisters, but please not katie price as i for one would not watch it, my hubby thinks Mark owen out of take that would be good i have to agree.

Helen - Yes, i think that pixie lott may have a chance to cover cheryl's place in the xfactor bootcamp as she has a really good voice.... or Emma Bunton seen as she is a great singer aswell.  But then Kimberley Walsh is from the same group as Cheryl Cole, and is a great singer.

Gina - NOO!! keep cheryl!

Joanne - It is awful that cheryl is ill as she will be missed greatly, but I think we have so many fantastic people that could take her place, or use the past winners as they know first hand what it feels like and comment on x or enrique mean could oggle him if ok ha ha x or lady gaga just to see what she would wear x or get sharon back x

Lucia - No,Cheryl should be replaced! I love her and i believe many would agree with me...X Factor without her will be boring,We need her sweet face around :(

Paige - yes i do but i want cheryl to do it xxxxxxxxxxx

Lucy - I dont think Katie Price & Amanda Holden should be a judge as they cant sing so dont really know what there looking for. Alexandra Burke shouldnt judge as she was on that show plus shes only been around a little while

X Factor bootcamp cancelled

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