Carer of the Year - Debra Churchward

Have you received fantastic care form a doctor or nurse, or perhaps someone has gone that extra step in caring for someone you know in hospital, in a care facility or even at home.

This award category is to celebrate the work of a health professional who has shown outstanding achievements over and above their usual medical requirements in caring for and helping those in need of medical assistance.

This category also includes nominations for those who do valuable voluntary work to help other people have a better quality of life.

The Winner - Debra Churchward

Here's what we were told: "Mum has had to care for her Dad, Albert, for 8 months. The living room had a hospital bed, hoist, wheel chair & zimmer frame. She provided 24hr care, which was challenging and hard at times with little help depite ahving major surgery herself.

My sister and I helped out as much as we could. Mum's dad passed away peacefully at home 15th Aug and looking back at what she has done and went through I truly believe she deserves The Carer of the Year Award."

Our other finalists was ...

Neil Tozer

Here's what we were told: "Neil is a full time carer for a local man. He gave up his full time employment and went back to college to train to be a carer as his best friend was beaten up and is now in a wheel chair and needs full time care. 

Neil gave up everything for Kenny and deserves to be recognised."

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