Teacher of the Year - Robin Jones

Great teachers make such a difference to school days, making learning fun and helping our kids reach their full potential.

This award category has been created to recognise those people who have a positive impact on the lives of pupils.

People who work in an educational capacity (not only academic based but sports, arts etc) and have gone over and above their job description.

Our winner is Robin Jones

This is what we were told: "Robin is the headmaster of our school and he is brill at his job and the running of the school. He makes every child feel special and has all the time in the world for a worried parent or child.

What makes Robin even more special is he lost his Wife on Boxing Day unexpectedly and he has to bring up 3 young girls by himself, but through his heartache and sadness he continued to do a good job of running the school.

Our other worthy finalists were ... 

Gordon Bartlett

This is what we were told: "Gordon went out of he's way many times in and out of office hours to help me pass my course so I could go on to uni and even two years later he is willing to help despite health problems.

He is a remarkable man and is adored buy many people, he showed me that i could get an education despite being a ex drug addict and dyslexic. If it wasn't for him I would not have come off benefits and started university and make something of my life. He is truly the best teacher I have ever met, and he has touched many lives, with his teaching styles, that have ultimately affected the lives of people outside the classroom.

"He's one of the most inspirational people i've met.  Unfortunately he has been struck down with illness this year which has sent all his pupils reeling and I think this really is a great opportunity to let him know how much he has touched all our lives and helped us find our futures.  He even has a fan page on Facebook, The Gordon Bartlett appreciation society, you only have to look on there to understand just how amazing this man is. Gordon Bartlett is officially a legend to pupils old and new."

"Gordon has been teaching for almost 20 years now. He has helped so many of us, over the years, to reach potentials that most of us never thought we possessed. Gordon teaches mature students, that usually have very complicated lives and backgrounds. However he always has a way of putting things into perspective for you. Gordon is more than just a teacher to all of his students, he's a great friend too."

Hillary Knight

This is what we were told: "My son is only in his 2nd year at this school and already Hillary has made a huge impact on his development and our lives. Nothing is too much trouble and all the extra effort she puts in, opening the school after hours  for events & remembering the little things that help hugely. She provides respite & helps with soup runs throughout the city.

She helped us as a family come to terms with the fact that it was OK for our son to be different. She is a great person who has given her whole life to helping children with additional needs as well as their families.

It would be lovely to give her this award as she is retiring and what better way to say a huge thank you. She is an Angel."

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