SWAGs own goals!


We all know that a simple comment made with good intentions can always be taken the wrong way espacially if England are on the brink of defeat or face being knocked out of the competition.

So to calm the mood and make him realise you do know your onions her's our guide to what and moreimportantly what NOT to say.


  • Out of the 32 teams taking part in this year's World Cup, Slovakia are the only one's making their debut in the tournament.
  • Brazil are the only team to have played in every tournament since the competition began in 1930.
    7 teams have won the Cup, Brazil have won it the most, 5 times, Italy have won it 4 times.
  • The next World Cup is in Brazil in 2014.
  • Only Brazil have managed to win the World Cup when the competition has been held out of their continent- 1958 in Sweden and 2002 in Korea/ Japan.
  • It's the most watched sporting event in the World, 715.1 million people watched the last World Cup final.
    Best results for England- winning it in 1966 (held in England); reaching semi- finals in Italia 1990.


Right I've taken a consensus of the football fans in the Heart office, and the resounding answer is- NOTHING!  Don't say anything! 

Maybe open a cold beer and hand it over, but no eye contact, head patting, or rubbing of shoulders!


  • 'Which colour are we again?' If you're not sure, look at the score line strap (usually in the top left hand of the screen) there are little colour indicators by the name of each country playing so you can work it out.
  • 'Oh my God, he looks just like Shrek!' Ok, Wayne Rooney is a national treasure, any dismissal of this is close to treason!
  • 'Now, that's the one who…' When players are on the pitch any out-of-football issues should not be discussed, no matter what he did, who he sent texts to, cheated on, etc.
  • 'It's only a game!' No, no, no!  It really is not.  Bill Shankly (Legendary Liverpool Manager, or also known Worldwide, as the Greatest Football Manager of All Time!) once said, 'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I can assure you, it is much, much more important than that.'

Also see above, in 'to cheer them up' for further reference.

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