5 minutes With Lucy Horobin: Race for Life Runner

We catch up with our very own Lucy from JK and Lucy, to chat about her Race for Life run, how much it means to her and Jade Goody's mum Jackie's beautifully moving speech.

Lucy Horobin and JK

JK and Lucy meet some of the other race for lifers before the race!

Hi Luce!

Q. So, the night before running a race, what would your final nosh-up be?

With it being Summer, I'd probably have a BBQ – bring on the Steak, Chicken Skewers and Lamb Koftas! All the protein! Chuck a jacket potato/rice salad in there and that's perfect. 

Sounds delish!

Q. What about makeup? Is it a yes or a no? Have you got any beauty tricks for working out or do you brave it bare faced?

There's absolutely no point whatsoever in wearing make up to the gym.

You're going to sweat, so why clog up your pores with foundation or powder? I also think girls plastered in make up at the gym look like they're just there to pose. Stop pouting and get to WORK!!

On Race For Life Day though, a little bit of mascara and lip gloss is fine. It's a special occasion after all!

It certainly is!

Watch Lucy and Team Heart's aerobic pre-run warm up. It's time to get pumped ladies!

Q. You must have met some incredible people! Who did you come across on the day who especially inspired you? 

I was inspired by every lady running, in particular my lovely team Heart ladies. Also, Jade Goody's Mum Jackie made a very poignant speech on stage. The fact she was joined by Jades 2 beautiful boys made the moment even more emotional. They did their Mum proud.

Q. Are you running in memory of anyone?

I lost both of my Grandmothers to cancer and my Uncle died aged just 46 from cancer too, so I'll be running it in their memory.

Q. What's your lucky talisman... A trusty pair of trainers for example?

My gold Bumblebee necklace. I wear it pretty much every day, and if I wear another necklace I always have it with me somewhere! 

Lucy Horobin and Team Heart

Q. If you could compete in any Olympic sport, what would it be?

Long Jump or the 4x100m relay. Simply because they're the 2 events I was best at on school Sports Day, so I might have an outside chance at being ok(ish).

Q. Who are your sporting inspirations and why?

The legendary Flo Jo, Florence Griffith Joyner! She was just fabulous, an incredible athlete and had the most amazing nails too! I remember watching her win 3 Golds at the Seoul Olympics and thinking she was a Goddess!

Lucy Horobin and Team Heart

Lucy x

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