House party with a bang

What a week! Being in London to host the Regent Street Christmas light switch on with Colin Firth, and a whole bunch of other stars.

Apart from almost falling off the stage, it was a superb evening.

Problem was, when the gospel choir were on stage, I got a bit into an acapella version of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You", and tripped and almost landed on the Firth fan club! Noisettes were brilliant, so was Jodie Prenger from Oliver.

Now looking forward to my first firework house party for yonks. Used to have them at home as a kid every year. Then over the years it got easier to go to a local public display. But now, decided on having a few people over. Sparklers, rockets, jacket pots, sausage rolls, hot wine, can't wait. Only just finished having an extension done at the back of the house so it's a bit of a christening tomorrow night. Bit worried the step they built outside the patio doors is a bit small, and someone might miss it completely and end up on the bonfire.

No, should be ok. The fire's at the back of the garden. Been raking up leaves all week to throw on the fire. They're a bit damp so I could end up smoking out the whole street, but hopefully not. Well, they'll be a smell of fire everywhere I should think. Mine should just blend in.

Oh, forgot to mention.....went to ride my bike home yesterday after work, saw I had a puncture in the back tyre. Had to get somewhere quite quickly so I thought I'd push it to the nearest bike shop and get them to fix it. Got a puncture kit at home but didn't have time. Anyway. £15!  £15 to fix a puncture. Took the bloke 10 minutes! Won't be doing that again in a hurry. Hope I don't have to!
Have a great weekend whatever you're doing. Stay in touch with me on Twitter. I'm under "realtobyanstis".