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Unemployed or just finished school and not sure what to do next? North Lanarkshire’s Working can help.

Are you stuck in a rut looking for work, or just finished school and have no idea what to do now? Then North Lanarkshire’s Working have schemes which can help you on your journey into the working world.

Their new programmes; Prospects for Youth and Prospects for You, specialise in helping people of all ages back into work. 

They can help you with CV support, interview skills, training and much more. And not only do they provide support for people looking for a job, but they can also offer a helping hand to those who don't quite feel job ready.

North Lanarkshire’s Working has helped thousands of people into many different sectors.Whether it be a chef, an engineer, a dog groomer, a tattoo artist, an electrician or a lorry driver, the opportunities on offer are endless.

Let them help you on the journey back to work, as not only can they help you find a career, they will also provide all the support you need to ensure you are happy and comfortable in your new job.

Find out what prospects are available for you with North Lanarkshire’s Working at www.northlanarkshiresworking.co.uk or call 0800 0730 226.

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