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Every morning on Heart Breakfast with Robin Galloway we bring you the 8:10 Phone Tap.

810 Phone Tap

Robin and Adele like to wake up Scotland by having a little fun on the phones. 

Here are some of the best:

Scooby Doo Live comes to Scotland but Scoob isn't feeling great so Shaggy calls Grahams road vets in Falkirk.


Glasgow film fest is on right now so we called their office with some ideas. It's nothing new, we've just ripped off the plot and changed the titles 


What happens when two guys get stuck in a wardrobe and can't get out. Call the shop you bought it from of course

Archie is always having problems with his phone so he calls a bed shop to chase an order but and usual he can't work his phone, how will they react!


Calling a paint shop looking for 50 shades of grey because we want to paint the new house 50 shades darker...... Will they bite or will Robin be rumbled?

Janice was nominated by her hubby David. She makes her own tablet to sell but what would happen if the authorities caught up with her?

The drive in movies are back for Valentines Weekend but how would they react to an American Pilot wanting to bring a date along to see Top Gun in his Helicopter.



Ford & Greg from Still Game (aka Jack & Victor) call HMV posing at Cockney's to ask questions about the Still Game DVD. Only thing is Chris has no idea he's talking to Jack & Victor.

A tens machine sends electric shocks around the body, to help with some sorts of pains. But what happens when one guy has it on full power, gives it a shot and it's stuck! 

Transfer deadline day with the final moving and shaking of players. 6 year old Finlay wants to transfer to Partick Thistle so calls them up to get himself a contract. 

Cameron Mcshand, internationally renowned accordionist, is looking for a gig ahead of the Scotland V Ireland match, so calls up an irish pub in Edinburgh.

Neal who has been nominated by his wife Lynn. They have an ongoing problem with the car where the indicators and window wipers keep getting muddled up and switching themselves on and off….. Neal is getting VERY frustrated after the garage refused to fix them and has been sending him back and forward between 2 branches…… Cue Robin who calls from a 3rd branch MILES away with a bizarre solution but Neal isn’t impressed

Trainspotting 2 is out and Nigel the trainspotter is very excited. So much so, he trie to book a trip to check out the films locations!


Adele thinks she does great Australian impression. so Robin put her to the test by calling up to try and sort out a ferry between Edinburgh and Glasgow!

Robin calls a pest control company to see if they can help with a mouse problem using the Burns poem. Will they catch on though?

Celtic Connections is on in Glasgow but one wee guy from the east end of Glasgow doesn't get that it's not about football.


Finlay is 6 yet he thinks he's old enough and saved enough to but a house. He calls up an estate agent in Larbert and speaks to Ross. How will he react?

Robin can now officially say he wound up The President of the USA. A few years ago when Donald was having trouble with residents in Aberdeen as he tried to build his golf course, Robin gave him a call as Hector Brocklebank.


The first Glasgow Tattoo takes place at the Hydro but Old Mrs Galloway is a little confused

Archie is having problems with a phone but wants to book a holiday with a lovely Edinburgh Travel Agent..

The next Avengers movie is set to be filmed in Scotland but instead of CGI they should use real destruction! We phone tapped a demolition firm to see if they would demolish some famous Scottish landmarks for the movie.

Cameron has been set up by his son Kieran for an 810 Phone Tap. Cameron owns an apartment in Lanzarote but is constantly paranoid about something going wrong when he's not there, so we created one!

Robin calls a fruit & veg supplier to sell off his home grown Scottish coconuts..... Surely nobody would fall for it?

Dean is a personal Trainer in Edinburgh! He was 810 Phone Tapped when Robin (Bob) calls him after his wife Freda (played by Adele) nags him to go to the gym and get a personal trainer.

Bob has no intentions of going but want to hire Dean just to tell his wife he is keeping fit...... Will Dean cover for him or not??


Calling the Stirling Observer with a January fad diet. The deep fried diet where everything you eat or drink needs to be deep fried first...... Its a lot of rubbish but would journalist Robert be convinced enough to run a story!

It's the time of the year everyone wants to join a gym so 6 year old Finlay, tried to call up to see if he could get involved 

Marvel Universe is on the the SEE Hydro. What would happen if Tony Stark aka Ironman tries to make hotel reservations for him & the Hulk!

Danny became the star of the 810 Phone Tap when his partner Claire nominated him. He has been having problems with the Sofa so what will happen when Robin blames him for the problem? 


Old Mrs Galloway has been to her GP! He says she needs to get fit in the New Year so she get s a treadmill but can't get it to stop. She calls a treadmill supplier for help.


Lancelot Kipling calls Bonkers Gift Shop in St. Andrew's on the hunt for St. Andrew's day gifts!

Inspired by the Coke truck, Hector Bocklebank offered up his larry and services to an ad agency.

Inspired by I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, 6 year old Finlay decided to call a Travel Agent to try and book a holiday to Australia


Robin had a big event he needed to train for and he needed a personal trainer to do it.

Old Mrs Galloway is very excited to see Elvis live in Glasgow! She's waited all her life to see and meet him, she even wants a selfie but she's not quite getting the point!

Orkney is voted the most peely-wally place in Scotland. We ask for the help of a mobile spray tanner to try and bring some colour to the flock!

Ahead of England v Scotland Hector calls Wembley stadium to check if he can bring a few things into the stadium with him including his lorry!

Noel takes a call from a small chap needing a book! He needs it to stand on and since the yellow pages has shrunk in size he thought Noel's book shop might help!

Jennifer was nominated by her husband, they have a 3 months sofa that has already sunk on 2 cushions. Her sofa company has given her a date to have the sofa repaired, however, we have other ideas!

It's Halloween and Old Mrs Galloway needs a costume. Its just not the costume you would expect..


Crawford Arbuthnot has been to a Halloween party and can't get his Face Paint off..

Robin called a hairdresser in Edinburgh using only Justin Bieber clips but will they fall for it?

Finlay is 6, he calls a hotel looking for Justin Bieber! How will they deal with a 6 year old's demanding questions :)

Alan called up looking to set up his wife Arlene, she works for a training company in Bathgate and suggested we call up looking for potty training. We only one problem, Arlene didn't answer the phone, but Nicole did!

Lesley was set up by her brother Calum after an incident involving her car bumper. It's her brothers car and Lesley claims someone stole a piece of the bumper in Edinburgh and that she didn't bump it...... So we call her up to tell her..... We found it!

Finlay is 6 and calls up a car dealership to see if he can buy a car....... How will they react?

James was set up by his pal Stephen, he owns a motor home hire business so we called him up to chase down some outstanding fines that he seems to know nothing about, funny that!!

There was a risk that Marmite as well as many other things could be in shortage..... Oh no!!! So we called a local store to find out how much stock they have and we want EVERYTHING!

It's October holiday time and Finlay who's six has gotten a hold of the phone and called up a car dealer, he's looking for a new motor to impress his girlfriend, but how will they react?

Archie isn't happy, he's been waiting for a timber delivery and it hasn't turned up so he calls them! Only thing is, he STILL can't use the phone properly.

Jenni Falconer has been travelling around the country visiting the projects Globals Make Some Noise helps and giving you the chance to win a car with Arnold Clark. Robin decided to pose as one of Arnold Clarks staff though as there were a few issues...

Lithuania are over to play Scotland but they have left a couple of items on their team bus...

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang musical is on in Scotland so Robin thought he would take Chitty in for an MOT...

Old Mrs Galloway decided to call up a dating agency looking for a man

Margaret McMillan became the star of the Eight Ten Phone Tap after being nominated. She had a few issues while on holiday buy the hotel had a few complaints of their own!

Ahead of his gig in Airdrie, Elton's people call ahead to try and book a B & B! The star though, does have some demands.

Cats is at the Kings Theatre so Robin called to see if he could get his own Cats involved..


Pampers in Stirling can give your dog an artistic groom, but just how far will they go? We put Danielle and the team to the test!

6 year old Finlay wants a tattoo, so he called up a shop in Glasgow...


The Tables have turned, we've already pranked a Rangers fan with Celtic facts but now it's time to turn it around prank a Celtic Fan with Rangers Facts!

Robin called the Pavillion Theatre to find out about Celtic the Musical….. But Robin wants to find out which players, past and present are singing which songs…

The Bothwell Scarecrow Festival is on and there's a Donald trump Scarecrow. What if one of his advisors called up one of the organisers asking it to be removed


Hector is heading to the Scottish Airshow, he has a special delivery in time for the weekends show!

How many players with daft names can we try to sell off to Livingston Football Club before the transfer window slams shut?

Coronation Street is on tour at the SECC and Robin thought he would try and get himself on the guestlist using some very tenuous connections...

Robin called up the fringe Box Office looking for shows he had just made up


Greig has been set up by his work colleagues. He's 6ft 8, a practical joker and his brand new car has developed a rattle and he's not happy! We phone him up as the manufacturer with help, or not!

Andy Murray has lost his medal on the flight home from RIO so he calls up lost property at the Airport.

Every month there’s a story about somebody finding an animal in food from the supermarket. The other day a woman found a Geko in a bunch of melons in Tesco at Port Glasgow. What if the table were turned however and people started finding food when they bought pets…

Tom Jones was playing at the Kelvingrove bandstand so Old Mrs Galloway decided to call a knicker shop to get something to throw at him

Robin called up one of the venues hosting acts at this years fringe, he wants to find out about a few of the acts performing..... Only thing is, he's made them all up!

Robin calls the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to find out when he can come along; for a Tattoo!

Comic Con was on in San Diego and it turns out Batman left some stuff behind at the hotel. So he called up lost property..

Old Mrs Galloway has the girls coming round this weekend so she wants to spruce the place up a bit, she's on the phone to a Plant Hire company!

What do you do when their an Ostrich loose in Ayrshire..... Rod Hull (Robin) from the Scottish Ostrich Squad is on the phone to Lorna, a local cake maker with a shop in Patna with advice on what to do if the Ostrich appears.

Scott has been nominated by his new wife. They are off on Honeymoon soon and Scott has some specific requirements on the flight, including extra leg room seats as he's 6ft 5'. Robin calls him to mess the whole thing up!


Robin calls The Winged Ox, Bar & Kitchen in Glasgow who serve & encourage dog owners to take their dogs along with them while eating out. Robin calls up to check out the menu but will Tyson the dog approve?

You should never use your mobile phone at a Petrol Station but what if there are Pokemon about

Robin has been searching high and low for Pokemon so he decided to call a Pet Shop to see if he could find them.

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