Alexandra's kidney offer

It's emerged Alexandra Burke offered to give up one of her kidneys to her ill mother in a bid to save her life.

Melissa Bell said she refused the offer because she did not want her daughter to sacrifice her chances of having a family - a possible side effect of the operation.

Alexandra's 44 year old mum is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. Melissa is a singer herself, she fronted the Grammy-winning R&B act Soul II Soul.

Alexandra hit the big time after winning The X-Factor back in 2008.

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- I take my hat off to Alexandra.  Who wouldn't do the same for a loved one?!? Lisa

- Life is so precious Alexandra offer to help her mum is wonderful. Give your problem to GOD and if you believe in him and pray to him you can be well made whole again. God Bless you both have a great future togetherx Karen

- If its a close loved family, if you're healthy enough, why not chance it. Nicola


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