Katy Perry considers name change

Katy Perry has revealed she is considering taking her husband Russell Brand’s name.

The 26-year-old American singer married the British actor-and-comedian in a lavish ceremony in India in October but did not follow traditional western marriage culture by changing her surname to his.

However, the star - whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson - has confessed she is considering the move after photographers keep calling her by Russell’s name to get her attention at red carpet events.

"I am, actually," Katy said when asked if she was considering the name change. “When people try to get my attention, like if I'm at an event or something like that, and they want special attention, they go, 'Mrs. Brand!’ ‘And I go shwoosh,’" she demonstrated by spinning her head.

Katy also admitted that her husband could be quite a “handful” and joked that she didn’t mind actress Dame Helen Mirren - who acts alongside Russell in their new film 'The Tempest' - looking after him for a time.

While the 35-year-old actor can be larger than life at times, Katy said that she likes it because it means she never gets bored of her new husband.

"Actually I kind of don't mind that someone else takes some of the responsibility because it's a lot of work," Katy joked."But handfuls are also a lot of fun. There's never a dull moment."


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