Katy Perry: I don’t want anything for Christmas

Katy Perry doesn’t want any Christmas presents.

The American singer has admitted feeling like she has “too much” in life and doesn’t want anymore gifts. Instead, the 26-year-old is planning to give some of her clothes away, because she has too many.

Rather than opening presents on December 25, she will enjoy an “experience” with her new husband, British comic star Russell Brand.

“Honestly, we’re not doing presents this year because we’re going to do an experience instead. My whole life has been an experience, especially in these past few years and this year in particular. I just feel like I have so much and sometimes I feel like I have too much,” she said. “What I need to do is give myself and I don’t say that to be like, ‘Oh, look at humble me pie.’ You know? I seriously have all these wonderful things and I need to give them away because some of them don’t fit me!”

The singer went on to reveal she is hoping to learn to speak Spanish in the new year.

She admitted that if there was one gift she wished she had received, it was to be bilingual, but Katy wants to make this dream come true. “It would’ve been really nice to learn Spanish growing up,” she confessed. “Hopefully one day I’ll pick up other languages. I already pick up ‘hello’ everywhere I go.”


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