Gaga serenades newlyweds

Lady Gaga serenades newly married couple she meets in London pub

It was supposed to be a very low-key celebration when Ewan and Julie Searle went to the pub to celebrate getting married.

The backpackers from New Zealand had decided to celebrate their union with beer and champagne in a pub near their hostel in Chiswick, west London. 

As the couple were having a drink with fellow guests from the hostel, Lady Gaga turned up at the Raven pub and after finding out the Searles had just tied the knot, proceeded to sing for them accompanied by another guest on the guitar.

Lady Gaga offered them her rendition of Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.

The newlyweds said that Gaga 's entourage had forbidden everybody from filming the impromptu gig, nonetheless they'd had an unforgettable day thanks to the popstar.


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