Gaga's meat dress best of 2010

To some it was controversial, but for others "that" dress is best of 2010

When Lady Gaga wore the infamous meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards last September, it certainly caused controversy.
But now "that" dress has been named Fashion Statement of 2010 by Time magazine.

"If making fashion statements is your primary raison d'être" said the magazine "it's easy to get bored. Exploding bra? Flamed out. Dress made of bubbles? Please. Using your hair as a bow? Not again", the Time continues, "but a dress made of meat - with shoes, hat and purse to match - well, that's fresh."

The Time humorously called the outfit "haute cutlet."

Lady Gaga is in London and will be performing at the O2 Arena tonight as part of her Monster Ball Tour .


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