Rihanna not ready for movie about her life

Rihanna thinks several actresses would have to play her in a movie about her life, because she has changed so much.

The stunning Barbadian singer has become one of the most prominent R&B stars in the world and recently released her fifth album, 'Loud'.

And Rihanna admits that if a film about her life was made, various performers would have to portray her on screen as she is much more assertive than in the past.

“My story won’t be told for years I hope. I think you would need one actress to play the young skinny me who was kind of shy and giggly and unsure,” the 22-year-old said. “You’d definitely need an actress with more attitude to play me now.”

The singer believes her life so far has been a learning curve as she has faced her own fair share of personal struggles. Rihanna would expect a strong female star to embody those life experiences if a movie was made – and has joked she would also have to practice the quirky things she has learnt to do while partying.

“I have learnt so much. I have been through some wonderful things but also through some c**p. You need a good actress to play the toughened Rihanna who has come out the c**p,” she explained. “They have to be able to walk around on high heels and drink at the same time too. Ha ha!”


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