Rihanna's exclusive video

Rihanna appears on David Guetta's "Who's That Chick" song and interactive video

Rihanna has collaborated with David Guetta on new song "Who's That Chick" , and the pair have filmed an interactive video for it.

The video will only be available to those who buy limited edition packets of Doritos crisps and unlock the code found on the special bags. 

Rihanna and doritos late night
Fans must buy the crisps and scan the barcode using a webcam. They will then be able to watch the video, in which Rihanna can be seen doing a day and a night performance of the single.

By holding the bag of Doritos against the webcam, fans will be able to personalise Rihanna 's gig. 

Rihanna and doritos late night

“I’m really excited about ’Who’s That Chick’ and wanted to find a fresh and unique way to share it with my fans,” said Rihanna .

"Who's That Chick" will appear on David Guetta's album, "One More Love", released on November 29th.

Rihanna and doritos late night

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