Robbie's back with Take That

Take That have confirmed that Robbie Williams will be reuniting with them for a tour next year.

The singer will be joining his former bandmates for 12 months.

A statement from the band says: "The rumours are true... Take That: the original line-up, have written and recorded a new album for release later this year.

"Following months of speculation Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams confirmed they have been recording a new studio album as a five-piece, which they will release in November.

Williams said: "I get embarrassingly excited when the five of us are in a room. It feels like coming home."

Mark Owen says: "Getting the five of us to be in a room together, although always a dream, never actually seemed like becoming a reality.  Now the reality of the five of us making a record together feels like a dream. It's been an absolute delight spending time with Rob again. But I'm still a better footballer."

Jason Orange said: "'Flippin' brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I'm over the moon that Robbie's back with us, however long it lasts. I just want to enjoy our time with him.  Life is beautifully strange sometimes."
Robbie has recently announced that he is releasing a greatest hits collection titled 'In and Out of Consciousness - The Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010' on 11th October with a brand new single called 'Shame' which he has co-written and performed with Gary Barlow.

Did you want Robbie to rejoin Take That?  Are you happy? What was their best song as a 5 piece? Tell us now by sending in your comments below.

Sometimes you should never go back I'm glad they are friends again but they don't need him he's using them because his career is down the pan and they are stellar!!! I hope his ego stays where it belongs as they are taking a huge risk letting him back and I hope he realises the chance he's being given bya wonderful group of guys.

I think that when Take That were a five they were brilliant, but as a foursome they are awesome and we are starting to hear more vocals from the other band members rather than Gary and Rob, with the others singing back up. If they can find a way of making it work but still giving the other members of the band their own moments to shine then it may be ok, but i dont really want to hear loads about it if it does all go wrong again!!

"hi i'm from the old school who loved the 1st line up of TAKE THAT back in the 90's!!i was soooo pleased when they reformed as i new they would make it big again as gary is such a GREAT song writer!but was very saddened when i watched all there little faces on that program about there reunion,when they were in that room waiting for robbie to walk in and the total dissapointment in there eyes when noone walked through that door!!!!i understand that the media only tell the public what they want us to no,and none of us no what goes on behind closed doors.but i no eyes are the windows to our souls and that day i saw all there's.
SAY NO MORE I feel happy for them all now. Long may Take That go on.
Karen Ashton.

Come on take a good look at them he doesn't belong with them their better of as a four piece band. good bye robbie.

No no no an appearance in the shows maybe but not to rejoin the band for the whole tour.  I know he had his reasons for being nasty when he left but they were all so young and  the boys do not need him now.  They are bigger and better now than they have ever been.  Robbie is just taking advantage of their good natures.

"Hi, I think it is great that Robbie is coming back into the group.Obviously the rest of the band wanted him back. They can all make it, nothing stops Robbie from recording solo if he would like to. Each to all for whatever they wan't to do. If people like their music, they will buy it. I love anything that Take That has released, just as much as Robbie solo. Looking forward to hearing them altoghter for however long it lasts.
June G"

They were fantastic as a four piece, to me they were o much better second time round, they don't really need Robbie..but..if thats what they want to do so be it...but..i'd prefer then to stay as they are. your just fab guys as a four piece band. xxx

No! I don't think he should. He's only re-joining because they are doing so well. I think they're mad to take him back. You'll be sorry boys. He's a waster and a messer.

I think a one off song with him may have been nice but i don't think that he should come back. He only wants to re-join because there are more famous and worth more. I think this will be the downfall for a Take That

i think robbie has done so well without the rest of take that he was always my favourite ive seen them both with and without robbie im glad they have put their differances behind them they have all grown up hopefully only good will come from this and i will be there to support them good luck to all the lads x

I feel the same as many others - very mixed feelings.  Loved them together, sad when they all split, elated when the 4 reformed, and extatic they are bigger than ever before!  They are all grown up and more mature to let any history ruin what they have now, but as excellent as Robbie is, should anyone ever "go back"?  Give it a try, see how it goes, if it works - great - if not - you tried and we all had a trip down memory lane!  Good luck however it ends up.  Take That and Robbie are excellent together or apart!!

The boys are doing great with out him, I think he was unsure to join them in case it did not work, but it has and they are better off with out him. I remember the group 1st time round and I think they are better now.

As much as I like Robbie I think it is a big mistake them getting back together. He made his choice and split the band up and since they have come back the boys have gone from strenght to strenght while Robbie has not done much recently. I think Robbie should have stayed solo you can not have 2 cheifs and Robbie will not like being a Indian.

i thinks its great his rejoining the boys i can't wait to see all five of them on stage. I have seen take that 2 so far and boths conserts have been out of this world and to have robbie there as well is even better. And yeah maye he is using them abit to up his fame but i don't i like robbie and i love take that ever since they first started out, can't wait to see what they have in store i will have to drag my mum along lol can't wait to see what they come up with

OMG! Am sooo excited, cannot wait for the tour. It's been a long time coming. Don't mind how long it lasts just to see them all back together again is amazing.

It's very generous of Gary to allow Mr Ego to rejoin them. I don't like Robbie. He isjust a big ego but, you never know, it may turn out ok.

I think it is brilliant! Can't wait for the tour. Been waiting and hoping for this to happen. Not for ever though, just a while(year or so) would be amazing!

- It's what the older fans have wanted since the day robbie went his own way. When Take That reformed everybody held their breaths about whether Robbie would be joining them. All 5 members have grown up and i don't think anyone will be trying to out ego each other coz it's obviously something they all want. Maybe our children will now get a hint of what we went crazy over the first time round. I know my 9 year old daughter is excited. Roll on album and tour please xx

- Don't get me wrong i like Robbie but since Take That reformed with just the 4 of them they proved to the world that they can make it without him and they have come back bigger and stronger than anyone could have imagined. Stay as you are lads.

- Robbie should not be going back to take that hes to big a star in his own right now and would upset the balance of take that. They are fine as a four piece and after robbie being so big cant see him as one of the backing singers of take that again. I hope this doesnt ruin it for the band. I love robbie and take that but keep them seperate its fine as it is.

- I think it is time for a reunion! They are older and wiser now!! It will be amazing! And those who are doubting them and saying they are better off without Robbie, are obviouslly not true fans!! This has been long awaited and I can not wait to see them back on stage!! Love you boys =0)
Kerri Ann

- I think it is a bad idea for for Take That and Robbie to get back together. Although I am in my late 50's I am a great fan of Take That, buying their records and going to their concerts. The four of them made the important decision to get back together without Robbie and made a real success of that. I like Robbie but I feel that he only wants to get back with them because they are being more successful than him at the moment. Will it last more than 12 months - we will wait and see.

- It was always on the cards that they would get back together It will be good for all of them, financially & if it's only for a year, hopefully it won't end in tears again. Now Robbie is older & more mature !!

- no course take that dont need robbie... he needs them....but i will be buying a ticket for the tour!!!! could it be magic????

- Take That do not NEED Robbie, Robbie does not NEED Take That but this is how they began so I am looking forward to seeing the old magic recreated!! I do not think the comments about Robbie only going back because TT are more famous - I think they have all proved they can do what they do seperatly but lets give them a shot and I look forward to the results!! :0)

- having been a fan of TakeThat since the early days, and having been lucky enough to see them twice in concert since they reformed, i dont think Robbie should be back with them, maybe this is just the lads way of proving to Robbie that the majority of fans dont want this, I hope his comeback is only temporary

- I dont think Robbie should be back, the boys are doing so well by themselves and Robbie is jealous. It is putting me of seeing them again as he will be there. Leave the boys as a 4, it works best that way.

- As good as Robbie is, he should stay solo, Take That are far better without him, it will be just a big alpha male battle between him and Gary. Take That should stay as a 4, you can see the love and respect they have for each other, Robbies return will only rock the boat once more.

- Defo rejoin! I think it's great news! They're great as a foursome and he's fab as a solo artist but the original is always the best! Congratulations guys and long may it last! :) PS. Any likelihood of a tour? ;) xxx

- Take That are making a big mistake....Take That are nice, genuine guys and Robbie well...didn't have anything good to say about them & then tried to make it big in America, failed, and is now back in the UK trying to tag onto Take That... He is only in it for himself...I won't be buying a ticket to see Take That with Robbie on stage...Sorry boys...but I am sure I am speaking for many more fans!

- im devastated robbie has joined take that. im a huge fan and have read alot of his books, the struggle he went through during his time in the band and how he got where he is today is a reason to never look back!! robbies music has got me through alot of things and im really sad to know he wont be staying the solo hero i love so much!!

- Omg , im 13 and i am their biggest fan , i think that it is a really good idea that they get back together FOR GOOD!!!!!! but its *apparently* for a year but ohh well im still really really really happy :D x

- I saw Take That for the first time last year at Wembley so I do not really have Anything to compare them to (when Robbie was with them). I have mixed views Robbie is a great performer in his own right as are Take That and what worry's me is Robbie will be disruptive and big headed and make them split up again. I have also seen Robbie live and he was great but very arrogant.

- As much as i am gutted, i am also pleased they are going on tour aghain.  i was too young to see them as a five piece first time round my parents wouldnt let me :(  so this is a good thing for me, however i hope robbie isnt going to use them to get back up in the fame list and then leave like he did before.... so very mixed feelings!!!

- take that DO NOT need Robbie Williams please dont take him back after the hurtfull things he said he is only using your fame !!! who is he again ?

- I think it's fab news they are getting back.Yes they've had their ups and downs but they are more mature now and appreciate and respect each other more.I always loved them both and as long as they are happy doing it!! It has nothing to do with what all these cavemen saying they shouldn't.Go for it lads and enjoy yourselves! bring it on!

- I would love Robbie to rejoin take that, but why leave in the first place?

- I love robbie and i love take that! it can only bring more love!!

- Am so excited - they were fab together! Please tour soon!

- i think its great ill be joining that que of 30 somethings hehe xx now this could be magic lol xxx

- He will destroy them, they have done so well without him, Don't do it lads your Take That, he is Robbie Williams and better off doing his own thing. This is a sad day, a one off record maybe but 'Back for Good' please no!"

- I don't think robbie should be aloud to rejoin take that. he only wants back in the band because they are more famous than him now.

- I am gutted. I have been to all your concerts. What have you done lads you are better without him. He will drag you down like before I am so sad. The worst thing you could ever have done.

- "I think it's great that Robbie has rejoined Take That but I hope that he doesn't forget the fact that they don't need him to be successful as they've proved over and over! Can't wait for the album. My favourite song would have to be Never Forget."

- All I can say is Get the Tickets On sale Now so that we have something to Look forward too. 12 Months will be long enough for the nostalgia then The 4 piece band can carry on with their well earned glory on there own..Love you all. xxx

- No, no, no Take That do not need Robbie. He is just using them to make himself popular again.

- Am disappointed that the boys have caved in!!  They have been fab without Robbie & it seems that his recent lack of sucess is the only reason that this is happening. Who does Robbie think he is that he can now cash in on the boys sucess after his was so rude about them for years after he left.

- As a husband to a wife who loves both and trust me she LOVES them BOTH...... Neither NEEDS each other both have said things about each other, You can work through other groups that have done it... it wouldnt have happend if they didnt want it to. As a fan of neither if i had to say Robbie had a better solo career and it lasted how many of the rest of the group can say that ?????

- Hey this is fantastic news the boys belong together, Robbie is a fantastic showman and Gary is a very very accomplished writer. All of the boys are fantastic so Take That.

- WOW! Will be waiting for ticket sales annoncement when I'm listening at work.Can't wait to put them on pressie list for Christmas.

- I think it is so exciting to see them back together, glad they are writing new songs would be weird if Robbie tried to join in on the recent Take That songs. That said i am about to burst, feel like i'm 10 years old again. I may actually die if i dont get tickets :-)

I think it's fantastic news that, finally, they have made up properly and will perform together again. I can't wait to go and see them.

- Why try and fix something that isn't broken?! Both have successfull solo careers, this could all go so wrong - BUT it's not going to, and the country will be full of 30 something women fighting for tickets and albums again, I know I'll be one of them!! Love Robbie, Love TT, what more could a girl ask for!! lol xxxx

- It has made me feel 15 again =0) AMAZING =0)
Kerri Ann

- I'm so excited!!! Feel like a teenager again, can't wait for the tour.

- Stay solo Robbie! Take That are fantastic without him, they dont need him!

- I prefer robbie on his own, my fave take that song is a million love songs x

- Great news that Robbie is back with the lads! I will be one of those 30 something women queing up for tickets, Can't wait!

- No no no boys, what are you doing? You don't need him!! A one off would've been nice but he's only going to mess it all up again. Have you all forgotten the nasty things he said after he left. He thinks he's bigger than Take That but he's been proved wrong - he needs you more than you need him!!! It's madness!!

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow Robbie's new album

Check out the tracklist for Robbie's 2 CD greatest hits collection including his duet with Gary Barlow.

Robbie to rejoin Take That

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