Your favourite Robbie song

The full track listing for the computer game "We Sing: Robbie Williams" has been revealed.

It will include 25 tracks spanning Williams's entire career, including 'Angels', 'She's The One' and 'Rock DJ'. As well as all the original music videos, it will include footage from his 2003 Knebworth concert and a photo gallery.

So it got us thinking - what's your favourite Robbie song of all time? Tell us below

The full tracklisting for the game is....

•    1997 - Old Before I Die - Life Thru A Lens
•    1997 - Angels - Life Thru A Lens
•    1998 - Let Me Entertain You - Life Thru A Lens
•    1998 - No Regrets - I've Been Expecting You
•    1999 - Strong - I've Been Expecting You
•    1999 - She's The One - I've Been Expecting You
•    2000 - Rock DJ - Sing When You're Winning
•    2000 - Kids - Sing When You're Winning
•    2000 - Supreme Sing - When You're Winning
•    2001 - Let Love Be Your Energy - Sing When You're Winning
•    2001 - The Road To Mandalay - Sing When You're Winning
•    2001 - Eternity - Sing When You're Winning
•    2001 - Somethin' Stupid - Swing When You're Winning
•    2001 - Beyond The Sea - Swing When You're Winning
•    2002 - Mr Bojangles - Swing When You're Winning
•    2002 - Feel - Escapology
•    2003 - Come Undone - Escapology
•    2003 - Something Beautiful - Escapology
•    2003 - Sexed Up - Escapology
•    2004 - Radio - Greatest Hits
•    2005 - Tripping - Intensive Care
•    2005 - Advertising Space - Intensive Care
•    2009 - Bodies - Reality Killed The Video Star
•    2009 - You Know Me - Reality Killed The Video Star
•    2009 - Morning Sun - Reality Killed The Video Star

Don't forget Robbie and Gary Barlow will be on Toby's show this Thursday. We'll also have our first play of their duet 'Shame'. More details here

Your favourite Robbie songs:

This was a big turning point for Robbie in his musical career.  Its a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics - everyone knows the words young or old. Im sure it is most people's favorite song and will remain forever a great classic song. We love you Robbie x

Because its a song of the century and its great  from

Just love it - like to play it full blast in the car singing at the top of my voice!!!

Angels is my all time favourite song its so beautiful when you hear robbie sing it live its gives me goosebumps an i love robbie.

Handsome Man
I love alllll of Robbie's songs tonnes. But this is one I keep playing on repeat. So true aswell..... 'Cos you've just met the worlds most handsome man.....' Yep Robbie is the worlds most handsome man (and all of Take That too).

This song is great i like it coz its got a point to it but then again all of his songs have a point and are about love!!

It's cool

I love the lyrics of this song ! It's just great ! I've got it as a ringtone on my phone.

Most people can connect to this song through personal tragedies. It always gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. I also like Mr Bojangles,that gives me the same feeling. I think he should do more of that sort of music,he is really good at it.

This song was in thecharts when my husband David and I got together.
The words tone and "Feel" of the song just make me go all quiet and gooey but must importantly make me smile and want to give my husband a huge hug x

Place to Crash
I like the energy it portrays, love to sing and dance with it around the house. Of course all Robbie's material is brilliant! Love him to bits and would love to sing with him!

I just love the way he sings this lush tune i love all his songs he is gorge & i love him.

You Know Me :
It was playing on the radio when i was in labour with my daughter who is 6weeks now i always smile when i hear it i just love it.

Morning Sun
Because its FAB!  However all his songs are excellent so any would be my choice.... x

Angels :
I love this song, but i cant believe phoenix from a flame is not gonna be on this album its a fantastic song, why does it never get played......

You know me ;
Hard choice really!!  Just love this hit the most :)

Feel :
Because it sums up to me everything that robbie is and the person he is inside. he sings it with such feeling that you just know its from his heart. i can also relate the lyrics to my own life and it gives me goosebumps everytime i hear just glad hes now found someone to fill that hole in his heart.

Bodies :
Because it is like disco music ps. can you arrange for my mum and me to meet him.
Love jess aged 8 xxxx

Advertising Space :
Cos i love it an all robbies songs xx

You Know Me
This song has to be my favourite, although every song of Robbie's is brilliant. I can relate to it being about my bestest friend

It's an amazing song

Bodies :
I just love that song it is amazing. Kirby

Old Before I Die:
I just love reason...just one of them songs that needs to be played LOUD!!!!....not sure my neighbours used to agree though!!

You Know Me :
I love all his songs but as you are asking for a particular one I choose this as my favourite song because like all of the songs he sings, its like he does know me, with what he's saying, feeling etc Dee.

It's a lovely song. Katie

Because I was going through a rough time in my life and the song gave me inspiration to make the changes that I needed to do and my life has now improved and when I feel low I listen to the song and think about what I have acheived in my life and it makes me feel better.  Sounds weird probably but it gave me inspiration and it always will.Sharon Louise

So emotional so beautiful. Debbie

I simply love angels! He has a great voice too! Lulu

Love Supreme
Why does there have to be a reason it just 'is'.

I love every single one of Robbie's songs, but I think 'Eternity' is absolutely beautiful. Robbie is the best! Sarah

I love this song sooo much no really reason its just one of those wonderful robbie songs!!!.. it made me all emotional i remember when he sang it at knebworth..Tracey

Rock DJ
Originally I didn't like it when I first heard it but over time it grew on me and now its my favourite song, and not just of Robbie's! But in general I love most of Robbie's songs his my Favourite artist, and a welcomed return to Take That!

You Know Me
I love this song as the lyrics are so good I've downloaded it on my mp4 player and have it on repeat lol , it's such a fab tune , to be honest all of Robbies songs are fab so really Idon't have a favourite one as they all are  . xxxxx

Because i like to to dance to it. Chris James

You Know Me
It's a lovely song. Nick

Although I have all of Robbie's CD's and love every single song, Eternity is just really beautiful. I love them all though!

Robbie sings it from the heart and just love his voice :)

You Know Me
It was playing on the radio when i was in labour with my daughter who is 6weeks now i always smile when i hear it i just love it.

Wonderful lyrics  Robbie at his best.

I love most of Robbie's songs and there are so many brilliant songs with outstanding lyrics but I think Feel is absolutely fab. No doubt, lots of more good stuff to come.

Lyrics are so true and personal to me following family tragedies

Somethin' Stupid
Because I love the Swing era. Because I love Robbie and because I dream of myself being Nicole Kidman in the video
Jeanette Aka Jinty

It was played at my little girl's funeral & reminds me of her everytime I hear it

Favourite Robbie song

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