Angelina Jolie compared to Eastwood

Angelina Jolie recently made her directorial debut with The Land of Blood and Honey, and actor Rade Šerbedžija has compared her style to that of Clint Eastwood.

Šerbedžija starred in the film, and has worked with Eastwood on the 2000 film Space Cowboys. He sees definite parallels between the two.

He reportedly said, 'She’s an actor’s director. She reminds me very much of Clint Eastwood. I told her that. Both of them are great actors and only great actors have this kind of experience, so they know how to help and how to work with actors. They know how to give them freedom and how it’s important to do this.'

His co-star, Vanessa Glodjo, apparently agrees.

She said 'I think every actor will be jealous of my experience. She’s a beautiful and brilliant actress, so she knew exactly how to help us get through this.

It has been reported that Jolie was grateful for the kind words.

In 2008, she was directed by Eastwood in Changeling, receiving numerous award nominations for her performance.

“He is such a great leader,” she said. “He works with people that are talented people but also good people. There are no egos on set. It’s really like a family.”