Angelina Jolie's son samples haggis

10 year-old Maddox enjoyed the traditional Scottish dish while the family are in Glasgow.

Brangelina are in town whilst Brad is filming his latest film, zombie flick World War Z, and the famous pair's son has a taste for the local dish.

Haggis is made from (brace yourself) Sheep's heart, liver and lungs and cooked inside the lining of the stomach for three hours along with onions, salt and spices.

Daring Maddox was the only member of the entire Jolie-Pitt clan brave enough to sample the offal based meal as Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, twins Knox and Vivienne and mum and dad didn't fancy it.

brad pitt and angelina jolie

"It was a fitting way to celebrate a great time here. But it was only Maddox who took a shine to the haggis", a source told the Scottish Sun.

It's not the first time their kids have sampled bizarre cuisine, with Maddox and Pax having taken a liking to deep fried crickets in Asia.

Angelina said: "It's their favourite thing. They ate them like Doritos, and they wouldn't stop. They are like potato chips. I had to actually ban the cricket eating at a certain point because I was afraid they were going to get sick from eating too many!"