Angelina Jolie 'irritated at stylist'

The 36-year-old actress is said to be 'horrified' at her stylist's choice of dress for the Oscars.

Angelina was mocked for posing with her right leg perennially exposed from her black velvet dress at the 84th Academy Awards.

Now, the mother of six is reportedly considering sacking her stylist Jen Rade after her choice of gown forced her into the stance.

'Angelina is horrified at the reaction her Oscars dress received,' an insider reportedly revealed.

'She pays her stylist Jen a lot of money to pick things that will make her look drop-dead gorgeous, but she felt the dress swallowed her up and she had to stick her leg, or it looked like she was wearing a bin bag.'

The star was allegedly so upset by the ridicule that she chose to skip the post-Oscar parties.

'Ange briefly went to George Clooney’s post Academy Awards dinner but left early on as she was still upset,' the source explained.