"There's no wedding" confirms Angelina Jolie

The star sets the record straight about her relationship with Brad Pitt

In an interview with the October issue of Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie opens up about her personal life and denies her and Brad Pitt are about to tie the knot.

"There is no secret wedding" said the mum of six "I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting at the moment".

Jolie went on to talk about her directorial debut, which she also wrote the script for, The Land Of Blood and Honey, about a relationship during the Bosnian war.

"I was in the attic of a house in France. I was isolated, pacing. I don’t watch TV and I wasn’t reading anything. So I started writing. I went from the beginning to the end. I didn’t know any other way"

"I’ve never felt more exposed" the star continued "My whole career, I’ve hidden behind other people’s words.

'Now it’s me talking. You feel ridiculous when you get something wrong"