Brangelina to co-star in new movie

Brad and Angie have revealed they are planning to make a film together.

Hollywood's hottest couple met on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith way back in 2005, and have revealed they are to join forces once again.

Angie broke the news last night on the Oscars red carpet, announcing 'we have an idea'. She kept her cards close to her chest but confessed that it won't be a romantic comedy.

'We don't know how funny we are,' she told E! News. 'And you never know what you want to see an actual couple do. Sometimes it's better if they're not a couple.'

Angie's legs stole the limelight at last nights Oscars as she flashed the flesh in a dress with a thigh-high parting.

Meanwhile Brad missed out on the Best Actor award for his performance in Moneyball, losing out to The Artist's Jean Dujardin.