Brad Pitt revists New Orleans ahead of fundraiser

The actor was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres in the city he helped rebuild after Hurricane Katrina

Pitt has been involved with the organisation Make It Right, which builds affordable housing for working families, since the hurricane hit the Louisiana city in 2005.

The actor has helped build 74 homes in the area and has revisisted the city for an interview with American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The interviewed was filmed ahead of a Make It Right fundraiser which takes place this weekend and sees Rihanna, Sheryl Crow and Kanye West all performing.
In the video DeGeneres praises the actor for his tireless help in rebuilding the city, but the ever humble Pitt refuses to take any credit.

'I’m getting far too much credit for this,' says the father of six. 'This took a lot of very smart people coming in and attacking the situation. It took the families determined to come back (after Hurricane Katrina) and their resilience and they’re defining what this thing was going to be'.

However, the film speaks for itself, with New Orleans residents going up to Brad Pitt to thank him for his work.

The 48 year old star however does look proud in the video when he reveals that one of his and Angelina Jolie's six children loves drawing pictures of houses so much that he hopes the child may pursue architecture, one of Pitt's passions, in the future.

The Brad Pitt interview will be aired in the US tomorrow (March 21st).