8 Cringe-Worthy Celebrity MySpace Pages

Tom Hardy now and then (myspace)

Check out the A-list's incredibly embarrassing old MySpace profiles, from Tom Hardy to Kim Kardashian...

Remember MySpace? Before Twitter and Facebook ruled the social media landscape, everyone had a MySpace page including celebrities such as Tom Hardy, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

Unfortunately, they're probably regretting it now judging by the cringe-worthy profile pictures and embarrassing comments.

Think Tom Hardy was always this cool?

Tom Hardy on the red carpet

Think again. This was one of his old MySpace profile pictures!

And his 'About Me' section started: "I never lie. If you suck you suck..."

If you think that's bad though, Kim Kardashian used to call herself Princess Kimberley...

One Direction's Harry Styles was a fan of the pop art effect...

And Nicki Minaj was obsessed with Barbie pink...

Taylor Swift's hair was pretty different if her 2009 MySpace profile picture is anything to go by.

Lana Del Rey was still going by Lizzie Grant!

And Katy Perry claimed she sounded like "butta" in her old MySpace profile. What ever that is...

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