David Beckham Caption Competition

We asked you for your captions for that picture of David Beckham taking a fall. They were hilarious! Here are our favourites.

Sam Sidney -  The Russian dance goes something like this...

Katy Batchelor - You didn't know I could break dance!

Kate Nulty - It's not just love for Posh Spice that knocks him off his feet.

David Gilidford - Yes… It's called the Panda Roll…

Barry Render -  Ahem… And first of all, this is NOT the way to try and bend it like Beckham!!!

Gary Fowler - He can show us a keepy uppy, but he can't keep uppy himself!

Tavia Carr - It's time to get Rhumbled!

Andrew Watts - Becks over and out!

Lesley Jolley - Becks has taken his Ministy of Silly Walks membership a little too far!

Joanne Hills - I should have gone to Specsavers!

Karen Smith - I'm crowd surfing… You're supposed to catch me! Doh!

Anita Currant - And that is NOT how to take a penalty for England!

Wendy Thompson - Slippery doo dah, slippery day!

david beckham falls over