David Beckham to coach children

The sexy soccer ace has revealed that he plans to coach children at football once he retires from playing himself. Find out why...

Speaking the 27th annual Sports Spectacular gala, which raises funds for children suffering from genetic birth defects, the 37-year-old LA Galaxy player said he loves coaching kids.

'People always ask me what I want to do when I've finished playing, and they say, "Do I want to go into [football] management?",' said David at the event.

'To be honest I've never wanted to go into management,' continued the star. 'I love coaching kids, I love working with kids. They're amazing people. They're amazingly truthful, young people, and that's what I love doing.'

It wouldn't be the first time David coached children at football. In 2005, Beckham founded the David Beckham Academy - football schools in London and LA - but both closed in 2009.

Clearly, though, David enjoyed the experience, and it seems he has decided to pursue that career.

Watch a video of David talking about the David Beckham Academy back in 2007 below: